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  *停* | 停* | *停
to stop / to halt / to park (a car)
to halt / to break off / pause (in speech)
stagnation / at a standstill / bogged down
to anchor / anchorage / mooring (of a ship)
to suspend / time-out (e.g. in sports) / stoppage / pause (media player)
to stop / to halt / to cease
to stop classes / to close (of school)
to pull up (stop one's vehicle) / to park / (of a machine) to stop working / to stall
parking lot / car park
to cease trading (temporarily or permanently) / to close down
to stop using / to suspend / to discontinue / to disable
to have a power failure / power cut
parking space / parking spot
to stay somewhere temporarily / to stop over
to stop production
(of a machine) to stop / to shut down / to park a plane / to finish shooting (a TV program etc) / to suspend a phone line / (of a prepaid mobile phone) to be out of credit
to stop work / to shut down / to stop production
to stop
bus stop
to shut down / to terminate / to cancel / to go out of business
to suspend trading (stock market)
to call at / to stop at / berth
to stop for a rest
to park (a car etc) / to moor (a boat etc) / to leave sth (in a place)
(of a pendulum) to stop swinging / (of work, production, activities etc) to come to a halt / to be suspended / to be canceled / shutdown / (sports) lockout
armistice / cease fire
unrelenting / without stopping to rest
aircraft parking ground / apron / tarmac (at airport)
(of an aircraft) to be grounded
leave of absence without pay (Tw)
stuck and not moving forward (idiom); stagnant / in a rut / at a standstill
daily upper limit on the price of a stock
to stop menstruating (as a result of pregnancy, menopause or medical condition etc)
to calm down / to stop / to pause / calmly / peaceful / restful
to stop running (of flight of shipping service) / to suspend service (flight, sailing) / to interrupt schedule
to cease fire / ceasefire
bus or tram stop / intermediate stop (on route of ship, plane etc) / port of call / stopover
to stop
to come to a stand / to stop
(of a power plant, refinery etc) to shut down
to stop / to cease
parking location / parking bay
settled / accomplished / ready
stopwatch / (sports) to stop the clock
to suspend (sb) from duties
to reconcile / to mediate / to bring warring parties to agreement / to arbitrate
bus stop
to keep the body of the deceased (until burial or cremation)
downtime (computer network, power plant etc)
port of call
central sleep apnea (CSA)
to hover (helicopter, computer mouse etc)
(of food) to retain in stomach due to indigestion (TCM)
stop-loss order (finance)
leave of absence without pay
car park
(sports) injury time
system of circuit breakers / limit up, limit down system (finance)
Imodium (drug brand name) / loperamide (used to treat diarrhea)
Armistice Day
cease-fire line
mediator / intermediary / go-between
to suspend salary payments
parking meter
to stop / to halt / to cease
Panmunjom village on the DMZ between North and South Korea
daily lower limit on the price of a stock
to lie to (facing the wind)

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