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to believe in (a religion) / firm belief / conviction
lowering and raising of the head / (fig.) small move / pitch (position angle)
  *仰* | 仰* | *仰
surname Yang
  *仰* | 仰* | *仰
to face upward / to look up / to admire / to rely on
to revere / to admire
to rely on
to look up at / to look up to sb hopefully
Yangon (Rangoon), main city of south Myanmar (Burma), the national capital until November 2005, when the capital moved to Naypyidaw 内比都 or Pyinmana 彬馬那 彬马那
to admire
to raise one's head
to lie supine
sit-up (physical exercise)
honorific: I've long looked forward to meeting you. / It's an honor to meet you at last.
to admire / to revere / to look up to
to revere / highly esteemed
to lie on one's back
to suffer a crushing defeat (idiom) / in a pitiful state / in a complete mess / to roll (with laughter)
to rely on / to depend on
to face upwards / to look up to the sky
I have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time (idiom)
Yangshao culture (archaeological period with red and black pottery)
a convert
corpse pose (yoga)
to rock one's body backward and forward / to be convulsed (with laughter etc)
to rely on others for the air one breathes (idiom); to depend on sb's whim for one's living
to admire and respect
universally admired / highly esteemed by everyone
to have a clear conscience
Great Pagoda of Yangon (Rangoon)
to swim with the tide (idiom)
Yangshao neolithic culture from the central Yellow river basin, with red and black pottery
lit. looking up to it, it gets higher; boring into it, it gets harder (idiom) (from Analects) / fig. to delve deeply into one's studies / meticulous and diligent study
to double up with laughter (idiom)
in a flash
to lie looking at the ceiling (in despair)
to sway to and fro / to rock back and forth
to stare at the ceiling in despair / to find no way out / nothing you can do about it / at the end of one's wits
sprawled out on one's back (idiom)
lit. to stare at the ceiling while writing a book (idiom); to put one's whole body and soul into a book

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