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Daoist immortal / supernatural entity / (in modern fiction) fairy, elf, leprechaun etc / fig. lighthearted person
  *仙* | 仙* | *仙
Wong Tai Sin district of Kowloon, Hong Kong
medicinal herb (genus Mesona) / grass jelly
ethereal quality / (Chinese folklore) a puff of breath from the mouth of a celestial being, which can magically transform an object into sth else
Sendai, city in northeast Japan
fairyland / wonderland / paradise
immortal (esp. female) / deity / fairy / Goddess / fig. beautiful woman
Perseus (constellation)
Jiaxian or Chiahsien township in Kaohsiung county 高雄縣|高雄县, southwest Taiwan
red-crowned crane (Grus japonensis)
a genius (literally, an immortal who has been banished from heaven to live on earth), an epithet for exceptional individuals such as the Tang poet Li Bai 李白 / (fig.) banished official
rice cracker
  *僊* | 僊* | *僊
variant of
underground palace of ghouls, e.g. Asgard of Scandinavian mythology
Daoist immortal / celestial being
the Eight Immortals (Daoist mythology)
narcissus / daffodil / legendary aquatic immortal / refers to those buried at sea / person who wanders abroad and does not return
legendary magic potion of immortals / panacea / fig. wonder solution to a problem
heavenly music
great immortal
(Tw) to pretend / to put on a false front / (Taiwanese, Tai-lo pr. [ké-sian])
to die / to depart this mortal coil
female immortal / sorceress
Xiantao sub-prefecture level city in Hubei
the peaches of immortality of Goddess Xi Wangmu 西王母
Suxian district of Chenzhou city 郴州市, Hunan
Andromeda (constellation)
a form of automatic writing in which two or more participants hold a single pen over a sheet of paper and invite a spirit to write answers to their questions / a spirit so invited
Xianyou county in Putian 莆田, Fujian
Dr Sun Yat-sen (1866-1925), first president of the Republic of China and co-founder of the Kuomintang / same as 孫中山|孙中山
world of the immortals / fairyland / cloud nine
ball cactus
to become immortal / big promotion / die
Xianju county in Taizhou 台州, Zhejiang
to become an immortal / (fig.) to die
elf / leprechaun
fairyland / honorific: your homeland
elixir / magic potion
cyclamen (loanword)
lit. the Eight Immortals cross the sea, each showing his own special talent (idiom) / fig. (of each individual in a group) to give full play to one's unique capabilities
Suxian district of Chenzhou city 郴州市, Hunan
Jiaxian or Chiahsien township in Kaohsiung county 高雄縣|高雄县, southwest Taiwan
Hercules (constellation)
island of the immortals
autumn crocus (Colchicum autumnale) / meadow saffron
Sendai, capital of Miyagi prefecture 宮城縣|宫城县 in northeast Japan
daffodil / narcissus / CL:
lit. to practice austerities to become a Daoist immortal / practice makes perfect
Penglai, island of immortals / fairyland
mountain of Immortals
penny stocks
prescription of elixir / potion of immortality / potion prescribed by an immortal
sparkler (hand-held firework)
"immortal of poetry", epithet of Li Bai 李白
golden eye-grass (Curculigo orchioides) / Curculigo rhizome (used in TCM)
Andromeda constellation (galaxy) M31
night owl / late sleeper
balsam / Balsaminaceae (a flower family including Impatiens balsamina) / touch-me-not / busy Lizzie
Gao Xianzhi or Go Seonji (c. 702-756), Tang dynasty general of Goguryeo 高句麗|高句丽 extraction, active in Central Asia
Cepheus (constellation)
confidence trick in which a man is lured by an attractive woman
Cassiopeia (constellation)
Xianyou county in Putian 莆田, Fujian
Andromeda galaxy M31
Xianju county in Taizhou 台州, Zhejiang
prickly pear
Wang Xianzhi, peasant leader during Huang Chao peasant uprising 黃巢起義|黄巢起义 875-884 in late Tang
foxes, ghosts and immortals / supernatural beings, usually fictional
percent (loanword)
Perseus spiral arm (of our galaxy)
Andromeda galaxy M31
form of divination similar to the Ouija board, in which participants use their forefingers to push a small saucer over a sheet of paper inscribed with numerous Chinese characters
Youxian district of Mianyang city 綿陽市|绵阳市, north Sichuan
(bird species of China) fairy pitta (Pitta nympha)
jeweled palace in the fairy mountain
heavenly beauty, jewel colors (idiom); unusually beautiful lady
(microbiology) Bacillus cereus
have a smoke after each meal and you will surpass the immortals (proverb)
to wish one were dead (idiom) / (fig.) to be in seventh heaven
to become immortal
gambier extract (from Uncaria gambir), used in TCM
great nebula in Andromeda or Andromeda galaxy M31
see 草海
(bird species of China) rufous-bellied niltava (Niltava sundara)
(bird species of China) large niltava (Niltava grandis)
(bird species of China) hill blue flycatcher (Cyornis banyumas)
(bird species of China) Fujian niltava (Niltava davidi)
(bird species of China) small niltava (Niltava macgrigoriae)
(bird species of China) vivid niltava (Niltava vivida)
old-fashioned square table to seat eight people
(bird species of China) Hainan blue flycatcher (Cyornis hainanus)
erhua variant of 仙方
memorial altar / platform for praying to immortals
Xiantao sub-prefecture level city in Hubei
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