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  *中* | 中* | *中
China / Chinese / surname Zhong
  *中* | 中* | *中
within / among / in / middle / center / while (doing sth) / during / (dialect) OK / all right
  *中* | 中* | *中
to hit (the mark) / to be hit by / to suffer / to win (a prize, a lottery)
Chinese language
center / heart / core / CL: 個|个
Taizhong or Taichung city and county in central Taiwan
senior high school / abbr. for 高級中學|高级中学
to pass brilliantly (used in congratulatory fashion)
China (alternate formal name)
among / in / included among these
adopted name of Chiang Kai-shek 蔣介石|蒋介石
fair and honest
central / middle / center / central authorities (of a state)
shopping center
Republic of China
to hit the target / to hit the nail on the head
Central Plain, the middle and lower regions of the Yellow river, including Henan, western Shandong, southern Shanxi and Hebei
Zhonghe or Chungho city in New Taipei City 新北市, Taiwan
to neutralize / to counteract / neutralization (chemistry)
junior high school (Tw) / abbr. for 國民中學|国民中学
middle school / CL: 個|个
refers to Dr Sun Yat-sen / Zhongshan, prefecture-level city in Guangdong, close to Sun Yat-sen's birthplace / Nakayama (Japanese surname)
Taizhong or Taichung city in central Taiwan
middle part / central section
resurgence / recovery / restoration
GreTai Securities Market (GTSM)
Zhongli or Chungli city in Taoyuan county 桃園縣|桃园县, north Taiwan
Central News Agency (Taiwan)
noon / midday / CL: 個|个
Zhongzheng District of Taipei 台北市 or Keelung 基隆市
traditional Chinese medical science / a doctor trained in Chinese medicine
among / in the middle / in the center
senior high school / abbr. to 高中
Taichung city in central Taiwan
inside / among / in the midst of (doing sth) / during
Sino-British / Chinese-English
the Mid-autumn festival, the traditional moon-viewing festival on the 15th of the 8th lunar month
Sino-Cuban / China-Cuba
medieval / Middle Ages / Chinese middle antiquity, 3rd to 9th centuries, including Sui and Tang Dynasties / Middle (of a language, e.g. Middle English) / used / second-hand
Chinese style
to pass an exam (or the imperial exam) / to qualify
Central, Hong Kong Island
research center
abbr. for 中國共產黨|中国共产党, Chinese Communist Party
Zhongshan or Chungshan district of Taipei City 臺北市|台北市, Taiwan / Zhongshan district of Dalian 大連市|大连市, Liaoning / Chungshan district of Keelung City 基隆市, Taiwan
between / intermediate / mid / middle
to concentrate / to centralize / to focus / centralized / concentrated / to put together
the Mid-Autumn Festival on 15th of 8th lunar month
moderate / reasonable / conveniently situated
PRC and Hong Kong
in the sky / in the air
People's Republic of China
to hit the target
Middle East
Chinese person
central point / in one's thoughts / in one's heart
city center / downtown
activity center / CL: 處|处
central district (of a city) / central zone
(traditional) Chinese medicine / CL: , 種|种
middle-school student / high school student
to win a prize / a successful gamble
small and medium enterprise
China Times (newspaper) / abbr. for 中國時報|中国时报 [Zhong1 guo2 Shi2 bao4]
Bank of China / abbr. for 中國銀行|中国银行
South Central China (Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan) / abbr. for China-South Africa
Greater China / refers to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau (esp. in finance and economics) / refers to all areas of Chinese presence (esp. in the cultural field), including parts of Southeast Asia, Europe and the Americas
junior high school (Tw) / abbr. to 國中|国中
culmination (astronomy)
within the year / in the middle of the year / mid-year
Ghost Festival on 15th day of 7th lunar month when offerings are made to the deceased
middle age
Central and Western district of Hong Kong
to be poisoned / poisoning
in the movie
to cut short / to break off / to discontinue / to interrupt
China and the West / Chinese-Western
attached (or affiliated) secondary (or middle) school / abbr. for 附屬中學|附属中学
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Sun Yat-sen University (Guangzhou) / Sun Yat-sen University (Kaohsiung) / Sun Yat-sen University (Moscow), founded in 1925 as training ground for Chinese communists
China Television Company (CTV), Taiwan (abbr. for 中國電視公司|中国电视公司)
Taichung or Taizhong county in central Taiwan
CNPC, China National Petroleum Corporation (abbr.)
Chung Yuan Christian University, in Taiwan
to win an election / to get a position by passing the imperial exam
from within / therefrom
medium sized
middle level (in a hierarchy)
outlet store (Tw)
Mediterranean Sea
China Times (newspaper)
China News Service website (chinanews.com)
middle (of a period of time) / medium-term (plan, forecast etc)
en route
lieutenant general / vice admiral / air marshal

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