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  *喪* | 喪* | *喪
mourning / funeral / (old) corpse
  *喪* | 喪* | *喪
to lose sth abstract but important (courage, authority, one's life etc) / to be bereaved of (one's spouse etc) / to die / disappointed / discouraged
to lose / to forfeit
funeral / burial
to lose one's life
funeral leave
funeral arrangements
dispirited / dejected / dismayed
funeral expenses
to die / to lose one's life
hanging one's head dispiritedly (idiom); dejected / crestfallen
bereaved of one's spouse (literary)
to prepare for a funeral
to forfeit sovereignty and humiliate the country (idiom) / to surrender territory under humiliating terms
hear the wind and lose gall (idiom); terror-stricken at the news
to hasten home for the funeral of a parent or grandparent
to be lost / to be ruined / to perish / to wither away
to feel disheartened
to become demoralized / to lose one's sense of purpose
sullen / to scowl miserably
devoid of conscience (idiom); utterly heartless
dejected / disheartened / listless
panic-stricken / scared out of one's wits
deceased wife
to wail at a funeral / formal wailing while offering sacrifice to the departed
stray dog (idiom)
the death of one's mother
in mourning
moral bankruptcy / moral degeneracy
to announce sb's demise / to predict death
lit. trifling destroys the will (idiom); infatuation with fine details prevents one making progress / excessive attention to trivia saps the will
to hold a funeral procession
the death of one's father
to die
to be orphaned of one's father
to observe the ritual mourning
tragic disaster / disturbance and bloodshed
to hold a funeral
downhearted / downcast / in despair
to keep watch beside a coffin / to observe a period of mourning
dejected / despondent / depressed
bereavement / to lose a relative
funeral ceremony
mourning garment
to completely lose (one's dignity, vitality etc)
to be used up / to be exhausted
messenger of death (cf Irish banshee) / person bringing bad luck
demoralizing talk
wicked / offending morality
mourning ceremonial
funeral arrangements
to pull a long face / sullen / also written 哭喪著臉|哭丧着脸
funeral stick (held by the son as a sign of filial piety)
mourning staff draped in white, held at a funeral to show filial piety
a knell
to weep / to howl as if at a funeral
scared out of one's wits (idiom); in a panic
to play with others and offend morals / wicked
messenger of death (cf Irish banshee) / person bringing bad luck
distraught / dazed
downcast wretch / bad-tempered and unpleasant person
deranged / demented / berserk (idiom)
condolences / a condolence visit
to die / to perish
cold and offensive (talk or manner)
to be frugal in attending to funeral rites (idiom)
devoid of conscience (idiom)
to ravage / to devastate

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