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world / CL: 個|个
century / CL: 個|个
to pass away / to die
to pass away / to die
for many generations / generation / era / age
to be published / to come out
  *世* | 世* | *世
surname Shi
  *世* | 世* | *世
life / age / generation / era / world / lifetime / epoch / descendant / noble
to die / to pass away
to die / to depart this life (euphemism) / same as 去世
worldwide / entire world
all over the world / everywhere / in all parts of the world
to die / to depart from the world forever
to be born / to come into being / to withdraw from worldly affairs
World of Warcraft (video game)
World Trade Organization (WTO) / abbr. for 世界貿易組織|世界贸易组织
the world in chaos / troubled times / (in Buddhism) the mortal world
unique / exceptional
generation / period of 30 years / one's whole lifetime / lifelong / age / era / times / the whole world / the First (of numbered European kings)
the creation (in mythology and Genesis 1-2) / the first foundational steps
reincarnation or transmigration (Buddhism)
to be alive
the world / this world / the world of the living
end of the world
world record
World Journal, US newspaper
Guanyin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion or Goddess of Mercy (Sanskrit Avalokiteśvara)
Zurich, Switzerland
on earth
to conduct oneself in society
global economy / world economy
to pass away / death
family influential for generations / aristocratic family
to be cut off from the rest of the world (idiom)
World Health Organization (WHO)
people (in general) / people around the world / everyone
crown prince / heir of a noble house
affairs of life / things of the world
Li Shimin, personal name of second Tang emperor Taizong 唐太宗 (599-649), reigned 626-649
World War II
one's life experience / one's lot / one's past history
world-weary / pessimistic
the Third (of numbered kings)
great wide world / marvelously diverse world / (Buddhism) cosmos (abbr. for 三千大千世界)
World War One
worldview / world outlook / Weltanschauung
Genesis (first book of the Bible)
creation myth
the Second (of numbered kings) / second generation (e.g. Chinese Americans)
world / earth
medieval / Middle Ages
World Health Organization (WHO) / abbr. for 世界衛生組織|世界卫生组织
world map
Book of Genesis / First Book of Moses
Gone with the Wind (film)
previous generations / previous incarnation (Buddhism)
unrivaled (idiom); world number one / unique / unequaled
the secular world
to consider oneself unexcelled in the world / to be insufferably arrogant
this mortal life / the mundane world
a whole lifetime (idiom); all my life
World Games / abbr. for 世界運動會|世界运动会
the present age / in office / the current office holder
lit. to descend to earth (of an immortal) / to be born
ecumenical / universal
(UNESCO) World Cultural Heritage
a flourishing period / period of prosperity / a golden age
World Cup (soccer) (Tw)
the fifth (of series of numbered kings)
spirit world
World Economic Forum
ranked number one in the world / the world's first
incomparable / none to compare with at that time
World Trade Center
world famous
Sejong the Great or Sejong Daewang (1397-1450), reigned 1418-1450 as fourth king of Joseon or Chosun dynasty, in whose reign the hangeul alphabet was invented
from age to age
profane / secular / worldly
world war
20th century
to be published (of art, literary works etc) / to come out / to take shape / to see the light of day
the ways of the world / the morals of the time
to receive worldwide attention
unrivalled / matchless
the teeming world / the world of sensual pleasures
later generations
to stand aloof from worldly affairs
Les Misérables (1862) by Victor Hugo 維克多·雨果|维克多·雨果
world peace
Swarovski crystal
world-famous (idiom)
for many generations
the ways of the world
sophisticated / worldly-wise
World Cup
family background
(one's) inner world

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