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  *力* | 力* | *力
power / force / strength / ability / strenuously
power; force; strength
physical strength
strength / vigor / efforts / (music) dynamics
HSK 7-9
to make every effort to / striving to do one's best
HSK 7-9
to work hard for / to do all one can / to contend strongly
HSK 7-9
less capable than desirable (idiom); not as strong as one would wish / the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
HSK 7-9
as far as one's capabilities extend (idiom); to the best of one's ability / within one's powers
HSK 7-9
(Tw) to put one's efforts into (sth) / to work at (sth)
to strongly recommend
to fight with all one's might
to practice diligently / to act energetically
  *力* | 力* | *力
surname Li
mechanics / to study hard
to try everything to avoid; to guard against
advocate strongly
to win as a result of tenacious effort / to fight off tough competition
strong man / sumo wrestler
to try hard to / to strive to
to pull strongly against a crazy tide (idiom); fig. to try hard to save a desperate crisis
moment of forces (mechanics)
to strive for mastery (idiom); aiming for the best result / to have high ambitions
beyond one's power (to do sth)
extraordinary strength / super strong / strong as an ox
beyond one's reach or power (to do sth)
force field (physics)
to stand one's ground against the opinion of the masses (idiom)
to prevail with difficulty
to put effort into (work, farming, writing etc) / a masterpiece
to urge / to press (for action)
not to be up to the task (idiom) / incompetent
by force / to conquer by force of arms / power
payment to a porter
Lifan Group (auto manufacturer in Chongqing)
lever arm (i.e. perpendicular distance from the fulcrum to the line of force)
draft animal / beast of burden
to assault / to attack in force
Reeb, a beer brand
strength / power / efficacy
to support / to back
to seek to protect / to ensure / to maintain / to guard
Lippo (Group) (Indonesian conglomerate)
Lipovitan (energy drink)
mechanical transmission
having matchless strength
liquor (loanword)
mechanical transmission
mechanical wave
fulcrum / center of force
Rio Tinto (UK-Australian mining corporation)
libido (loanword)
(idiom) physically and mentally exhausted
balance of power
to block / to prevent by force

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