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because / owing to / on account of
  *為* | 為* | *為
because of / for / to
  *爲* | 爲* | *爲
variant of 為|为, because of / for / to
  *以* | 以* | *以
to use / by means of / according to / in order to / because of / at (a certain date or place)
due to / as a result of / thanks to / owing to / since / because
  *由* | 由* | *由
to follow / from / because of / due to / by / via / through / (before a noun and a verb) it is for ... to ...
  *因* | 因* | *因
cause / reason / because
because of / on the basis of / in view of / on account of
  *嗆* | 嗆* | *嗆
to choke (because of swallowing the wrong way)
with this / thereby / thus / because of this
  *乎* | 乎* | *乎
(classical particle similar to 於|于) in / at / from / because / than / (classical final particle similar to 嗎|吗, , , expressing question, doubt or astonishment)
  *芸* | 芸* | *芸
common rue (Ruta graveolens) / (used in old compounds relating to books because in former times rue was used to protect books from insect damage)
chicken stock / chicken soup / (fig.) chicken soup for the soul – i.e. feel-good motivational stories (often used disparagingly because the stories don't really effect change in people's lives)
fig. restless, because of fear or strong emotions
because of this
to originate from / to come from the fact that / owing to / because of
to get sick because of bad food
to flow backwards (of water, because of flood, tide, wind etc) / reverse flow / to back up (sewage)
in order to / because of / for the sake of
  *騺* | 騺* | *騺
heavy horse / horse unable to move because of twisted leg / plodding
simply because / all because
(neologism c. 2015) (slang) (used jokingly) to live on dirt (typically because one has spent all one's money on consumer items)
lit. if you have to use force to break a melon off the vine, it won't taste sweet (because it's only when the melon is ripe that it can be removed with just a slight twist) (idiom) / fig. if sth is not meant to be, it's no use trying to force it to happen
lit. not eating for fear of choking (idiom); fig. to cut off one's nose to spite one's face / to avoid sth essential because of a slight risk
people who don't belong together, don't get to live together (idiom) / marriages are predestined / people marry because they share common traits
(idiom) you can't rely on a verbal agreement / just because sb says sth, doesn't mean it's true
"ants climbing a tree", a Sichuan dish made with cellophane noodles 粉絲|粉丝 and ground meat (so called because the particles of meat clinging to the noodles look like ants on the twigs of a tree) / (sex position) man standing, woman clinging to his upper body / (erotic massage) full-body licking
unable to refuse because of affection
favoritism shown to sb because of the influence of the person's wife or other female relative / (by extension) favoritism towards relatives, friends or associates
to value the broom as one's own (idiom); to attach value to sth because it is one's own / a sentimental attachment
lit. paper has become expensive in Luoyang (because everyone is making a copy of a popular story) (idiom) / fig. (of a product) to sell like hotcakes
to lie idle (of arable land) / fig. rusty because of lack of practice
(Internet slang) transcription of "not at all" – English words in a song promoting the 2008 Beijing Olympics sung by Huang Xiaoming 黃曉明|黄晓明, who became a laughing stock in China because his pronunciation was perceived as embarrassingly bad / to be a laughing stock / to make a fool of oneself (i.e. equivalent to 鬧笑話|闹笑话)
Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX), nicknamed 海星機場|海星机场 because its terminal looks like a huge starfish
to excuse oneself because of illness
not to reject a word because of the speaker (idiom, from Analects); to judge on the merits of the case rather than preference between advisers
hatred caused by love (idiom) / to grow to hate someone because of unrequited love for that person
to reject a word because of the speaker (idiom, from Analects); to judge on preference between advisers rather than the merits of the case
half-cooked rice / (fig.) half-finished job that is difficult to complete because it was not done properly in the first instance / Taiwan pr. [jia4 sheng5 fan4]
(coll., humorous) money (so named because in former times, Chinese coins had a square hole in the middle)
the practice of favoring sb because of the influence of the person's wife or other female relative / (by extension) culture of favoritism towards relatives, friends and associates
to destroy one's ink-slab / to write no more because others write so much better (idiom)
third day of the lunar year (inauspicious for visits because arguments happen easily on that day)
to deal a single fatal blow / (fig.) to totally repudiate sb because of a minor error
lit. to blame the toilet because one is having difficulty completing a bowel movement (idiom) / fig. to blame others for problems caused by one's own shortcomings

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