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phonetic writing / pinyin (Chinese romanization)
  *筆* | 筆* | *筆
pen / pencil / writing brush / to write or compose / the strokes of Chinese characters / classifier for sums of money, deals / CL: ,
stroke order (when writing Chinese character)
Cang Jie, legendary scribe of the Yellow Emperor and creator of Chinese writing / Cangjie input method (computing)
lit. true religion / orthodox religion / orthodox Christianity / Islam (in the writing of Chinese or Hui theologians)
brush stroke in Chinese painting and calligraphy / brushwork / style of drawing or writing
Lu Ji (261-303), Chinese writer and literary critic
Lu Yu (733-804), Chinese writer from Tang dynasty, known for his obsession with tea
Alai (1959-), ethnic Tibetan Chinese writer, awarded Mao Dun Literature Prize in 2000 for his novel 塵埃落定|尘埃落定 "Red Poppies"
Xu Xing (1969-), Chinese palaeontologist / Xu Xing (1956-), Chinese short story writer
Lu Xun (1881-1936), one of the earliest and best-known modern Chinese writers
Hu Shi (1891-1962), original proponent of writing in colloquial Chinese 白話文|白话文
Fuxi or Fu Hsi, legendary Chinese emperor, trad. 2852-2738 BC, mythical creator of fishing, trapping and writing
writer of 詞|词 (a kind of Classical Chinese poem) / person of literary talent
Liu Heng, personal name of Han emperor Han Wendi 漢文帝|汉文帝 / Liu Heng (1954-), Chinese writer
Gan Bao (?-336), Chinese historian and writer, author of In Search of the Supernatural 搜神記|搜神记
Yan Fu (1853-1921), influential Chinese writer and translator of Western books, esp. on social sciences
Wang Lixiong (1953-), Chinese writer, author of Yellow Peril 黃禍|黄祸
Xia Yan (1900-1995), Chinese writer, playwright, socialist critic and movie pioneer
Guo Jingming (1983-), Chinese young-adult fiction writer and teen pop idol
Su Manshu (1884-1918), Chinese writer, journalist, Buddhist monk, participant in the revolutionary movement
Lin Shu (1852-1924), writer and influential translator and adaptor of vast swathes of Western literature into Classical Chinese
Classical Chinese writing
Liu Cixin (1963-), Chinese science fiction writer
Wang Shuo (1958-), Chinese writer, director and actor
Wild Swans, family autobiography by British-Chinese writer Jung Chang 張戎|张戎 / alternative title 鴻|鸿, after the author's original name 張二鴻|张二鸿
Jung Chang (1952-), British-Chinese writer, name at birth Zhang Erhong 張二鴻|张二鸿, author of Wild Swans 野天鵝|野天鹅 and Mao: The Unknown Story 毛澤東·鮮為人知的故事|毛泽东·鲜为人知的故事
Han Bangqing (1856-1894), writer and publisher of experimental literary journal in Classical Chinese and Jiangsu vernacular, author of novel 海上花列傳|海上花列传
Fuxi or Fu Hsi, legendary Chinese emperor 2852-2738 BC, mythical creator of fishing, trapping, and writing
Mandarin Phonetic Symbols 1 (official name of the phonetic system of writing Chinese used in Taiwan) / Bopomofo / abbr. to 注音一式
Duan Quanfa (1939-2010), Chinese writer
four-square box in which one practices writing a Chinese character
Jung Chang 張戎|张戎 (1952-), British-Chinese writer, author of Wild Swans 野天鵝|野天鹅 and Mao: The Unknown Story 毛澤東·鮮為人知的故事|毛泽东·鲜为人知的故事

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