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  *船* | 船* | *船
boat / vessel / ship / CL: 條|条, , 隻|只
  *扁* | 扁* | *扁
small boat
  *搭* | 搭* | *搭
to put up / to build (scaffolding) / to hang (clothes on a pole) / to connect / to join / to arrange in pairs / to match / to add / to throw in (resources) / to take (boat, train) / variant of
shipping / boats
  *舟* | 舟* | *舟
to be jolted around (car on a bumpy road, boat on a rough sea, aircraft experiencing turbulence) / (fig.) to undergo a rough experience
  *葉* | 葉* | *葉
leaf / page / lobe / (historical) period / classifier for small boats
  *幫* | 幫* | *幫
to help / to assist / to support / for sb (i.e. as a help) / hired (as worker) / side (of pail, boat etc) / outer layer / upper (of a shoe) / group / gang / clique / party / secret society
  *灣* | 灣* | *灣
bay / gulf / to cast anchor / to moor (a boat)
(of trains) up (i.e. towards the capital) / (of river boats) to go against the current / to submit (a document) to higher authorities
deck (of a boat etc)
faucet / water tap / bicycle handle bar / chief (esp. of gang) / boss / decision maker / (market) leader (of companies) / front end of mud-flow / figurehead on prow of dragon boat 龍船|龙船
  *駛* | 駛* | *駛
(of a vehicle, horse etc) to go fast; to speed / (of a vehicle) to run; to go / (of a boat) to sail
Dragon Boat Festival (5th day of the 5th lunar month)
old age / very / eldest child in a family / leader of a group / boss / captain of a boat / leader of a criminal gang
  *航* | 航* | *航
boat / ship / craft / to navigate / to sail / to fly
to go boating
to row a boat / rowing boat / rowing (sport)
  *舫* | 舫* | *舫
2 boats lashed together / large boat
ship / boat / vessel
a small bag full of fragrance used on Dragon boat Festival
conveyance (car, boat, aircraft etc) / vehicle / (fig.) medium / platform / vector
(of trains) down (i.e. away from the capital) / (of river boats) to travel downstream / to issue (a document) to lower bureaucratic levels / (of writing on the page) vertical, proceeding from top to bottom
ferry boat
to park (a car etc) / to moor (a boat etc) / to leave sth (in a place)
pleasure boat / cruise ship
dragon boat / imperial boat
hard seat (on trains or boats)
(of a boat) to reach the shore / to pull toward shore / close to shore / landfall
captain (of a boat) / skipper
navy vessel / (coast guard) patrol boat
to get on the boat
to ride as a passenger (in a car, boat, plane etc)
(of a vehicle, boat etc) to travel to; to head for
the tide rises, the boat floats (idiom); fig. to change with the overall trend / to develop according to the situation
lit. navigating a boat against the current (idiom) / fig. in a tough environment (one needs to work hard)
sail / sailing boat
brothers in hardship (idiom) / fellow sufferers / in the same boat
shipwreck / sunken boat / sinking ship
  *艋* | 艋* | *艋
small boat
  *艄* | 艄* | *艄
stern of boat
  *艤* | 艤* | *艤
to moor a boat to the bank
  *舲* | 舲* | *舲
small boat with windows
  *舺* | 舺* | *舺
boat / Taiwan pr. [jia3]
fishing boat / CL: 條|条
  *舴* | 舴* | *舴
small boat
  *艕* | 艕* | *艕
two boats fastened side by side
  *艗* | 艗* | *艗
bow of a Chinese boat
  *艭* | 艭* | *艭
  *艅* | 艅* | *艅
a despatch boat
fast boat
  *橃* | 橃* | *橃
large boat / old variant of
lit. to break the cauldrons and sink the boats (idiom); fig. to cut off one's means of retreat / to burn one's boats
  *篙* | 篙* | *篙
pole for punting boats
  *艖* | 艖* | *艖
raft / boat
boat race / racing ship or boat / rowing (sport)
to sail a boat / to navigate
to be a newcomer / just off the boat
  *櫓* | 櫓* | *櫓
scull (single oar worked from side to side over the stern of a boat) (free word)
tugboat / boat towed by a tugboat / to tow a boat
navigator (on a plane or boat)
decorated pleasure boat
  *舡* | 舡* | *舡
boat / ship
(of a bus, a train, a boat) to start off
people who live and make a living on boats
small boat / skiff
wooden boat
lit. the timber has been turned into a boat already (idiom) / fig. what is done cannot be undone
dragon boat (used at 端午, the Dragon Boat Festival)
attendant on an airplane, train, boat etc
Dragon Boat Festival (5th day of 5th lunar month)
person who lives and makes a living on a boat / boatman / boat dweller
stern (of a boat)
(of a naval vessel) to cruise / to patrol / (of ducks, boats etc) to move about on a lake or river etc
submerged piles installed to prevent the passage of boats / (fig.) informer / spy
to buy or upgrade a ticket after boarding a train, boat etc / to buy a ticket for a show after having sat down in the theater
driving force / impetus / thrust (of a boat or aeroplane engine) / repelling force
lit. when the boat reaches the bridge, it will pass underneath without trouble (proverb) / fig. everything will be all right
to punt / to pole a boat
boatman / boat builder
patrol boat
lit. in the same boat under wind and rain (idiom); fig. to stick together in hard times
rowing competition / boat race / swimming competition (e.g. to cross river or lake)
fishing boat / same as 漁船|渔船
  *櫂* | 櫂* | *櫂
oar (archaic) / scull / paddle / to row / a boat
like rowing a boat upstream, if you stop moving forward you fall back (idiom)
to scull (with a single oar, usually mounted on the stern of the boat)
to share the same interests (idiom) / to be closely related / to be in the same boat
lit. boat made of lily magnolia wood / poetic term for boat
lit. to stand with each foot in a different boat (idiom) / fig. to have it both ways / to run after two hares / (especially) to have two lovers at the same time
realgar wine (traditionally drunk during the Dragon Boat Festival 端午節|端午节)
motor boat
soft seat (on trains or boats)
to steer a boat
Dragon Boat Festival (5th day of 5th lunar month)
to scull / to row a boat
Miluo city in Hunan / Miluo river in Hunan, famous for Dragon Boat festival
Dragon Boat Festival (the 5th day of the 5th lunar month)

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