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  *氣* | 氣* | *氣
gas / air / smell / weather / to make angry / to annoy / to get angry / vital energy / qi
  *気* | 気* | *気
Japanese variant of 氣|气
to vaporize / evaporation / carburetion / 氣|气 transformation in TCM (i.e. transformation of yin yang vital breath) / unvoicing of voiced consonant
deficiency of 氣|气 (TCM)
the three energies of Chinese medicine: , 氣|气, and
intention / motive / state of mind / ambition / aspiration / heart 氣|气 (TCM)
(TCM) to rectify 氣|气
reverse flow of 氣|气 (TCM)
stagnation of 氣|气 (TCM)
  *炁* | 炁* | *炁
variant of 氣|气, breath / air / steam / gas / weather / used in Taoist charms
collapse of 氣|气 (TCM)
bladder 氣|气 transformation in TCM
(TCM) to rectify 氣|气 and transform phlegm
to course the liver and rectify 氣|气 (TCM)
suction cup (used in Chinese medicine to draw the blood and qi 氣|气) / detachable suction chimney to make a stove draw
to harmonize the stomach and rectify qi 氣|气 (Chinese medicine)

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