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  *卖* | 卖* | *卖
to sell / to betray / to spare no effort / to show off or flaunt
  *掉* | 掉* | *掉
to fall / to drop / to lag behind / to lose / to go missing / to reduce / fall (in prices) / to lose (value, weight etc) / to wag / to swing / to turn / to change / to exchange / to swap / to show off / to shed (hair) / (used after certain verbs to express completion, fulfillment, removal etc)
to show / to show off / to display / to manifest / expression / manifestation / show / display / performance (at work etc) / behavior
  *炫* | 炫* | *炫
to dazzle / to boast / to show off / (slang) cool / awesome
arrogant idler / self-centered show-off
dazzling / to show off / to flaunt
to act ostentatiously / to brag / to show off
to show off one's good looks shamelessly
to express oneself / to give an account of oneself / to project oneself / to show off
to show off / to try to be brave
(coll.) to show off
to show off one's ability
(dialect) to be cocky / smug / to show off
to show off / to make a display of
to show off / to put on a show to amuse others
  *逞* | 逞* | *逞
to show off / to flaunt / to carry out or succeed in a scheme / to indulge / to give free rein to
to show off one's abilities / to exhibit one's skills
to show off one's military strength (idiom); to strut around / to bluff / to bluster
to show off (loanword, from English "show") / to grandstand / to perform in a stage show
to flaunt / to show off
to show off one's ability / to boast one's merits
to present a treasure / to offer a valuable piece of advice / to show off what one treasures
to show off
to show off one's accomplishments (often derog.)
to fiddle with / to play and move sth about / to show off (what one can do) / to parade (one's capabilities) / to cause trouble
  *衒* | 衒* | *衒
variant of / (literary) to boast / to show off
to show off / to flaunt
to show off with clever talk / big-headed / a smart-ass
lit. to wave around one's bookbag (idiom) / fig. to show off one's erudition / a person who does so
drill (in sword play) / to thrash around / to demonstrate gymnastic skills / to solicit financial help (in an indirect way) / to show off
to flaunt a skill / to give display to one's ability / to show off a feat / to vaunt one's tricks
lit. if you tap a half-empty bottle it makes a sound (idiom) / fig. empty vessels make the most noise / one who has a little knowledge likes to show off, but one who is truly knowledgeable is modest

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