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light / gentle / relaxed / effortless / uncomplicated / to relax / to take things less seriously
  *松* | 松* | *松
loose / to loosen / to relax
  *舒* | 舒* | *舒
to stretch / to unfold / to relax / leisurely
to loosen / to relax
to relax (policy) / relaxed
to reduce pressure / to relax
to relax restrictions
to ease (tension) / to relax / to cause sth to relax / to alleviate / relaxed / easy and unhurried / leisurely / soothing / mild (slope)
to melt / to thaw / to defrost / fig. to relax (repression, enmity etc)
to relax / relaxed / limp / lax
to scatter / to disperse / to evacuate / scattered / to relax
to relax / loose / not consolidated / not rigorous
  *弛* | 弛* | *弛
to unstring a bow / to slacken / to relax / to loosen
to relax / to relax efforts / to slack off / to take it easy / complacent / undisciplined
to relax and expand / (physiology) diastole
to relax completely / to empty one's mind / (finance) to sell short / (of a commercial vehicle) to travel empty (no cargo or passengers) / to deadhead
to rest / to relax / to take a break
mild / gentle / to ease up / to relax
to convalesce / to recuperate / to fully relax
to relax with one's eyes closed
relieved / tensions relax
to relax / relaxed
to relax / to slacken / relaxation (in nuclear magnetic resonance)
less crowded / relieved / relaxed / to relax
to relax one's efforts
The ship has docked, the carriage has reached the station. / The job is over, it's time to relax. (idiom)
to put down weapon and let soldiers rest (idiom); to relax from fighting
to rest weapons and loosen armor (idiom); to relax from fighting

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