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  *来* | 来* | *来
to come / (used as a substitute for a more specific verb) / hither (directional complement for motion toward the speaker, as in 回來|回来) / ever since (as in 自古以來|自古以来) / for the past (amount of time) / (prefix) the coming ...; the next ... (as in 來世|来世) / (between two verbs) in order to / (after a round number) approximately / (used after to indicate possibility, as in 談得來|谈得来, or after to indicate impossibility, as in 吃不來|吃不来)
how much? / how many? / (phone number, student ID etc) what number?
  *号* | 号* | *号
ordinal number / day of a month / mark / sign / business establishment / size / ship suffix / horn (wind instrument) / bugle call / assumed name / to take a pulse / classifier used to indicate number of people
  *些* | 些* | *些
classifier indicating a small amount or small number greater than 1: some, a few, several
  *水* | 水* | *水
water / river / liquid / beverage / additional charges or income / (of clothes) classifier for number of washes
  *进* | 进* | *进
to go forward / to advance / to go in / to enter / to put in / to submit / to take in / to admit / (math.) base of a number system / classifier for sections in a building or residential compound
first / number one / primary
  *万* | 万* | *万
ten thousand / a great number
  *双* | 双* | *双
two / double / pair / both / even (number)
  *半* | 半* | *半
half / semi- / incomplete / (after a number) and a half
number / CL: , 個|个
numeral / digit / number / figure / amount / digital (electronics etc) / CL: 個|个
  *轻* | 轻* | *轻
light / easy / gentle / soft / reckless / unimportant / frivolous / small in number / unstressed / neutral / to disparage
  *场* | 场* | *场
large place used for a specific purpose / stage / scene (of a play) / classifier for sporting or recreational activities / classifier for number of exams
  *数* | 数* | *数
number; figure / several; a few
number / numerals / figures / digital / amount / numerical code
a certain number or amount / how many? / how much?
quota / number of places / place (in an institution, a group etc)
amount / sum of money / fixed number
  *者* | 者* | *者
(after a verb or adjective) one who (is) ... / (after a noun) person involved in ... / -er / -ist / (used after a number or 後|后 or to refer to sth mentioned previously) / (used after a term, to mark a pause before defining the term) / (old) (used at the end of a command) / (old) this
number / amount / somewhat
  *码* | 码* | *码
weight / number / code / to pile / to stack / classifier for length or distance (yard), happenings etc
  *前* | 前* | *前
front / forward / ahead / first / top (followed by a number) / future / ago / before / BC (e.g. 293) / former / formerly
  *奇* | 奇* | *奇
odd (number)
  *第* | 第* | *第
(prefix indicating ordinal number, as in 第六 "sixth") / (literary) grades in which successful candidates in the imperial examinations were placed / (old) residence of a high official / (literary) but; however / (literary) only; just
to number / numbering / serial number
  *海* | 海* | *海
ocean / sea / CL: 個|个, / great number of people or things / (dialect) numerous
  *京* | 京* | *京
capital city of a country / big / algebraic term for a large number (old) / artificial mound (old)
telephone / CL: / phone call / CL: / phone number
number of written characters; number of words; word count
ordinal number / serial number / sequence number
  *线* | 线* | *线
thread / string / wire / line / CL: 條|条, , / (after a number) tier (unofficial ranking of a Chinese city)
  *额* | 额* | *额
forehead / horizontal tablet or inscribed board / specified number or amount
characters and numbers (as used in a code) / alphanumeric code / serial number
  *单* | 单* | *单
bill / list / form / single / only / sole / odd number / CL: 個|个
number of people
  *余* | 余* | *余
extra / surplus / remaining / remainder after division / (following numerical value) or more / in excess of (some number) / residue (math.) / after / I / me
  *泡* | 泡* | *泡
bubble; foam / blister / to soak; to steep; to infuse / to dawdle; to loiter / to pick up (a girl) / to get off with (a sexual partner) / classifier for occurrences of an action / classifier for number of infusions
  *标* | 标* | *标
mark / sign / label / to mark with a symbol, label, lettering etc / to bear (a brand name, registration number etc) / prize / award / bid / target / quota / (old) the topmost branches of a tree / visible symptom / classifier for military units
odd number
number of times / frequency / order number (in a series) / power (math.) / degree of a polynomial (math.)
edition (of a book etc) / edition number
number of days / fate / destiny
as it turns out / by lucky coincidence / (of number, time, size etc) just right
a very long time (etymology: in mathematics, n represents an arbitrarily large number)
first rate / top rank / number one
to determine a location / designated / appointed / specific / fixed (time) / fixed point (geometry) / fixed-point (number)
to own a controlling number of shares in a company
small number / few / minority
to dial a telephone number
(of a large number of things) to form an expanse / to cover an area
binding (loanword) / to bind (e.g. an account to a mobile phone number)
inverse number / reciprocal (math.)
peak / apex / world best / number one / finest (competitors) / top (figures in a certain field)
age limit / fixed number of years
student ID number
population (counted as number of households for census or taxation) / registered residence / residence permit / (in Hong Kong and Macau) bank account
first letter of a word or serial number / first character of a Chinese word / first digit of a number / the top part (esp. a radical) of a Chinese character / the initial of a Chinese syllable
tuba / large size (clothes, print etc) / (polite) (your) name / (coll.) number two / to defecate
lasting for ages / long drawn out / remote in time or space / unhurried / a great number (of events) / preposterous / pensive
hole / opening / cut / gap / gash / my husband or wife / classifier for people (used for indicating the number of people in a family etc) / precedent
vehicle number (license plate number, taxi number, bus number, train car number)
whole number / integer (math.) / round figure
abbr. of 五筆字型|五笔字型, five stroke input method for Chinese characters by numbered strokes, invented by Wang Yongmin 王永民 in 1983
page number
to increase / to grow in number
amount / number
small figure / small amount / the part of a number to the right of the decimal point (or radix point) / fractional part of a number / number between 0 and 1 / decimal fraction
to double / to increase by a certain number of times
angular velocity / number of revolutions per minute
person / number of people / (per) capita / (a person's) head / (Tw) person whose identity is used by sb else (e.g. to create a bogus account)
cardinal number / (math.) radix / base
first under heaven / number one in the country
(newspaper) extra / special number (of a periodical)
number of degrees / reading (on a meter) / strength (alcohol, lenses etc)
the Third (of numbered kings)
composite number (i.e. not prime, has a factorization)
age (number of years old)
prime number
song cycle in Chinese opera / (fig.) a series of tricks / polite remarks / number of (things that are counted in , like houses)
even number
many-headed / many-layered (authority) / devolved (as opposed to centralized) / pluralistic / (as classifier) number of animals / long term (finance) / long (investment)
(number of) degrees of freedom (physics and statistics)
first year of the sixty-year cycle (where each year is numbered with one of the 10 heavenly stems 天干 and one of the 12 earthly branches 地支) / the sixty-year cycle
reign title / era name (name for either the entire reign of an emperor or one part of it) / year number (such as 2016 or 甲子)
document identifier code (typically including an abbreviation for the name of the issuing organization, the date and a serial number)
number of votes / poll count
to rank (number 1, or third last etc) / to be among (those who are in a particular group)
lord / master / young gentleman / male prostitute / catamite / mahjong player disqualified by unintentionally taking in the wrong number of dominoes / (old form of address for one's husband) husband
lot number / batch number
electric light socket / burner (component of a kerosene lamp) / light (as a countable item, e.g. number of lights fitted in a house)
generation / period of 30 years / one's whole lifetime / lifelong / age / era / times / the whole world / the First (of numbered European kings)
to continue in a post / (to hold a post) several times in succession / (to win a title) in successive years / to stay at number one / to defend a championship
to multiply / to reproduce / to increase gradually in number or quantity
negative number
conservation (e.g. of energy, momentum or heat in physics) / to remain constant (of a number)
seat number
large number of people
number of items or individuals
tick / check mark (✓) / number for verification (serial number, seat number etc) / (fig.) two things match up

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