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to boil noodles
bean vermicelli / mung bean starch noodles / Chinese vermicelli / cellophane noodles / CL: / fan (loanword) / enthusiast for sb or sth
  *面* | 面* | *面
flour / noodles / (of food) soft (not crunchy) / (slang) (of a person) ineffectual / spineless
  *粉* | 粉* | *粉
powder / cosmetic face powder / food prepared from starch / noodles or pasta made from any kind of flour / whitewash / white / pink
naengmyeon (Korean dish based on cold noodles in soup)
instant noodles
pulled noodles / ramen
rice-flour noodles
food made from wheat flour, such as noodles, dumplings, buns etc
instant noodles
rice flour / rice-flour noodles / (Internet slang) Xiaomi fan
rice and noodles / rice flour / rice-flour noodles
main food / staple (rice and noodles)
liangpi (noodle-like dish)
zha jiang mian: ground pork simmered with salty fermented soybean paste (or other sauce) over thick wheat noodles
pasta / noodles
stir-fried noodles / "chow mein"
  *糗* | 糗* | *糗
dry rations (for a journey) / (dialect) (of noodles etc) to become mush (from overcooking) / (coll.) embarrassing / embarrassment
rice noodle roll, a roll made from sheets of rice flour dough, steamed and stuffed with meat, vegetables etc
beef noodle soup
udon noodles
rice noodle soup from Yunnan province
noodles served with soy sauce / sesame butter etc
cold noodles
pan mee, aka banmian, a Hakka noodle soup dish, popular in Malaysia
hot dry noodles
braised noodles / stewed noodles
pasta (abbr. for 意大利麵|意大利面) / (Tw) yi mein, a variety of Cantonese egg noodle
noodles either made of buckwheat or sorghum
oat noodles or flour
rice noodles in wide strips
vegetable noodle dish
"ants climbing a tree", a Sichuan dish made with cellophane noodles 粉絲|粉丝 and ground meat (so called because the particles of meat clinging to the noodles look like ants on the twigs of a tree) / (sex position) man standing, woman clinging to his upper body / (erotic massage) full-body licking
udon (thick Japanese-style) wheat-flour noodles
noodle soup / noodles in soup / noodle broth
all-purpose flour / flour for making dumplings and noodles
plain noodles in broth
noodle stall or counter
instant noodles
deep-fried noodle cake
noodle dishes (on menu)
instant noodles
to make noodles by pulling out dough / hand-pulled noodles
a kind of rice-flour noodles from Yunnan province
  *粄* | 粄* | *粄
(Hakka cuisine) snacks made from glutinous rice flour (rice cakes, noodles etc)
laksa, spicy noodle soup of Southeast Asia
(Tw) cellophane noodles / mung bean vermicelli
birthday noodles (for longevity)
brand of Hong Kong instant noodles / also used as term for instant noodles in general
yi mein (or yee mee or yee-fu noodles etc), a variety of Cantonese egg noodle
broad, belt-shaped noodles, popular in Shaanxi, also known as biángbiáng miàn
(Cantonese cuisine) zhaliang, rice noodle rolls 腸粉|肠粉 stuffed with youtiao 油條|油条
  *糆* | 糆* | *糆
variant of 麵|面 / rice noodles / rice fragments
laksa, spicy noodle soup of Southeast Asia
sweet potato or yam noodles
buckwheat pudding (snack of buckwheat noodles with sauce)
ta-a noodles or danzai noodles, popular snack originating from Tainan
plain noodles in broth
chopped fried noodles
noodles in meat soup
Sichuan noodles with a spicy and numbing sauce
knife-shaved noodles (pared or shaved into strips), a Shanxi specialty
instant noodles (old)

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