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music / CL: 張|张, ,
speed / rate / velocity / (music) tempo / CL: 個|个
  *拍* | 拍* | *拍
to pat / to clap / to slap / to swat / to take (a photo) / to shoot (a film) / racket (sports) / beat (music)
to hit / to strike / to attack / to crack down on sth / blow / (psychological) shock / percussion (music)
a musical score / sheet music
rock 'n' roll (music) / to rock / to fall off
poem for singing / tune / music / CL:
  *板* | 板* | *板
board / plank / plate / shutter / table tennis bat / clappers (music) / CL: 塊|块 / accented beat in Chinese music / hard / stiff / to stop smiling or look serious
  *通* | 通* | *通
classifier for an activity, taken in its entirety (tirade of abuse, stint of music playing, bout of drinking etc)
  *灌* | 灌* | *灌
to irrigate / to pour / to install (software) / to record (music)
height / altitude (aviation) / pitch (music) / ups and downs (success or failure) / whether sth is right or wrong / comparative strength, weight, depth, stature / (spoken interjection) anyway, whatever / eventually, in the end
  *调* | 调* | *调
to transfer / to move (troops or cadres) / to investigate / to enquire into / accent / view / argument / key (in music) / mode (music) / tune / tone / melody
the masses / the great bulk of the population / popular (of music, science etc)
  *谱* | 谱* | *谱
chart / list / table / register / score (music) / spectrum (physics) / to set to music
archive of graphics (e.g. maps, documents or botanical figures) / atlas / collection of illustrations or sheet music
strength / vigor / efforts / (music) dynamics
beat (music) / meter
speaking and singing, as in various forms of storytelling such as 彈詞|弹词 and 相聲|相声 / (music) rapping
famous song / well-known piece of music
punk (music style) (loanword)
  *奏* | 奏* | *奏
to play music / to achieve / to present a memorial to the emperor (old)
to take a test to establish one's level of proficiency / placement test / (music) grade exam
harmony (music)
repertoire / program / song / piece of music
blues (music) (loanword)
music-loving / philharmonic
dignified / grave (expression) / imposing (attitude) / heavy (atmosphere) / (music etc) deep and resounding
to harmonize / harmony / cooperation / (music) consonant
(music) note / phonetic component of a Chinese character / phonetic symbol / phonogram
pleasant to hear (i.e. agreeable news) / to one's liking / music to one's ears / Taiwan pr. [zhong4 ting1]
Qinqiang, an opera style popular in northwest China, possibly originating in Ming dynasty folk music / Shaanxi opera
mordent (music)
gramophone record / LP / music CD / musical album / CL: 張|张
hip-hop (music genre) (loanword)
to create music for a movie or stage production / to dub music onto a soundtrack / incidental music / soundtrack music
dance music
great master (of literature, music etc)
national music / Chinese traditional music
music circles / music world
  *喈* | 喈* | *喈
harmonious (of music)
music notation in which the notes Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La and Si are represented by numerals 1 to 7
album / record (music) / special collection of printed or broadcast material
outstanding heroes / warlords vying for supremacy (in former times) / stars (of sports or pop music)
  *韶* | 韶* | *韶
(music) / excellent / harmonious
storytelling dramatic art dating back to Song and Yuan periods, single narrator without music, often historical topics with commentary
vocal range / register (music)
(voice, music) suave / mellow / (speech) indirect / tactful
elated / high-spirited / uplifting (music)
(music) unison / (linguistics) homophonous; homonymic
suite (music)
(of a list, music chart etc) to reach the top
echo / reply / turn (ornament in music)
folk art consisting of storytelling to music
  *MV* | MV* | *MV
desirability as a partner (abbr. for "mate value") / music video
chord (music)
blues (music)
brass instrument (music)
interval (music)
to compose (music) / arrangement
nocturne (music)
decadent or obscene music
simple and honest / unsophisticated / (music etc) deep and resounding
tuning; temperament / music
a minor matter / trivia / bar (music)
music theory
xiaodiao, a Chinese folk song genre / minor key (in music)
string music
to pass through a doorway / (of a woman) to marry / orchestral music interlude in an opera
musicality; feel for music
(music) staff / stave
(of a pupil) to write down (in a dictation exercise) / dictation / (music) to transcribe by ear
variation (music)
folk music, esp. for traditional instruments
heart-rending (drama, music, poem etc) / deeply moving
music / rhyme and rhythm / initial, , and final and tone, 韻|韵, of a Chinese character / phoneme
major key (in music)
to turn back / to put back / reversal / melodic inversion (in music)
singing stage / music business (esp. pop music)
lit. one strong beat and one weak beats in a measure of music (two beats in the bar) (idiom); fig. follow a prescribed pattern to the letter / scrupulous attention to detail
  *哢* | 哢* | *哢
to sing or chirp (of birds) / music sound
a transition (stop and change) in spoken sound, music or in brush strokes / a cadence / punctuated by a transition / with syncopated cadence (brush stroke in painting)
vocal music (in opera) / aria
reed (music)
part (in multipart instrumental or choral music), such as the soprano part or bass part
heavenly music
music played during a movie, play etc / incidental music / music played in a theatrical interlude / (fig.) incident / episode
one of the two chief types of music in Chinese opera / see also 二黃|二黄
  *韺* | 韺* | *韺
music of legendary emperor Gu
to perform music (as an ensemble)
(of a person) sad beyond words (idiom) / (of music, literature etc) poignant / very sentimental
to perform music / to play a tune
pitch (music) / tone
instrumental music
sanxian, large family of 3-stringed plucked musical instruments, with snakeskin covered wooden soundbox and long neck, used in folk music, opera and Chinese orchestra
music and song (formal writing)
the Beatles (music band)
to sample; to taste / to appreciate / one's taste (i.e. in music, literature, fashion, food and drink etc); good taste
funeral music / plaint / dirge
Yuan dynasty theater, including poetry, music and comedy
(music) arpeggio

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