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  *我* | 我* | *我
I / me / my
  *余* | 余* | *余
(archaic) I / me / variant of 餘|余, surplus
  *余* | 余* | *余
extra / surplus / remaining / remainder after division / (following numerical value) or more / in excess of (some number) / residue (math.) / after / I / me
  *呢* | 呢* | *呢
particle indicating that a previously asked question is to be applied to the preceding word ("What about ...?", "And ...?") / particle for inquiring about location ("Where is ...?") / particle signaling a pause, to emphasize the preceding words and allow the listener time to take them on board ("ok?", "are you with me?") / (at the end of a declarative sentence) particle indicating continuation of a state or action / particle indicating strong affirmation
  *么* | 么* | *么
suffix, used to form interrogative 什麼|什么, what?, indefinite 這麼|这么 thus, etc
  *么* | 么* | *么
variant of 麼|么
brothers / younger brother / CL: 個|个 / I, me (humble term used by men in public speech) / brotherly / fraternal
editor or creator of online content (diminutive term, often used to refer to oneself: I, me, this writer)
Excuse me, may I ask...?
  *唉* | 唉* | *唉
interjection or grunt of agreement or recognition (e.g. yes, it's me!) / to sigh
  *予* | 予* | *予
(archaic) I / me
unworthy / to let down / I'm sorry / excuse me / pardon me / if you please / sorry? (please repeat)
don't tell me ... / could it be that...?
(dialect) my / our / I / we / me / us
we or us (including both the speaker and the person(s) spoken to) / (dialect) I or me / (dialect) (in a coaxing or familiar way) you / also pr. [za2 men5]
other people / sb else / he, she or they / I, me (referring to oneself as "one" or "people")
(literary) youngster / (old) young fellow (term of address used by the older generation) / (old) I, me (used in speaking to one's elders)
person of low social status (old) / I, me (used to refer humbly to oneself) / nasty person / vile character
to help / to do a favor / (Shanghainese) Come on! / Give me a break!
  *咱* | 咱* | *咱
I or me / we (including both the speaker and the person spoken to)
  *愚* | 愚* | *愚
to be stupid / to cheat or deceive / me or I (modest)
to appear before one's eyes / to come into view / to float into appearance / to come back (of images from the past) / to emerge / it emerges / it occurs (to me that..)
easy to deal with / not a problem / (polite answer) you flatter me
unexpected / hard to imagine / it had not occurred to me / who could have thought that
please forgive me
to save sb's life / (interj.) Help! / Save me!
to commit an offense / to violate the law / excuse me! (formal) / see also 得罪
life or death / fate / no matter what / anyway / for the life of me
Mêdog county, Tibetan: Me tog rdzong, in Nyingchi prefecture 林芝地區|林芝地区, Tibet
  *侬* | 侬* | *侬
you (Wu dialect) / I, me (classical)
Bomi county, Tibetan: Spo mes rdzong, in Nyingchi prefecture 林芝地區|林芝地区, Tibet
(Internet slang) I can't even... / Are you kidding me! / OMG!
don't bother to see me out
lit. start off leniently (idiom); please do not be too strict with me / Do not judge me too harshly. / Look favorably on my humble efforts.
please treat me kindly (conventional greeting on first meeting)
(said by departing guest) no need to see me out
lit. doesn't (even) enter a single aperture (of one's head) / I don't understand a word (idiom) / it's all Greek to me
(dialect) give me a break! / forget about it!
(polite) excuse me for not going out to meet you
(term of respect) second only to father / like a father (to me)
you're too kind / you flatter me
to lose money instead of being paid (i.e. sb should pay me, but is actually taking my money)
lit. you hoodwink me and I cheat you (idiom); fig. mutual deception / each tries to outwit the other / dog eats dog and devil take the hindmost
to let sb down / to be unfair / I'm sorry / pardon me (formal)
untalented / I / me (humble)
I / me / my / (often used in early vernacular literature)
I / me / we / my home / our house
lit. love the house and its crow (idiom); involvement with sb and everyone connected / Love me, love my dog.
forget-me-not, genus Myosotis (botany)
balsam / Balsaminaceae (a flower family including Impatiens balsamina) / touch-me-not / busy Lizzie
refrain (from doing sth) / (coll.) Come on! / Give me a break! / Save it!
to be generous (idiom) / to be magnanimous / Give me a break!
please forgive me
If three walk together, one of them can teach me sth (Confucius)
excuse me (i.e. let me through, please)
lit. I dare not (accept the honor); fig. I don't deserve your praise / you flatter me
you got me! / you win! / you are something!
Mêdog county, Tibetan: Me tog rdzong, in Nyingchi prefecture 林芝地區|林芝地区, Tibet
to call sth a cow or a horse (idiom); it doesn't matter what you call it / Insult me if you want, I don't care what you call me.
excuse me
excuse me (i.e. let me through, please) / reflected glory / to benefit from sb else's prestige
  *嚜* | 嚜* | *嚜
(final particle)
bring it on! / give me all you got!
  *卬* | 卬* | *卬
I (regional colloquial) / me / variant of
Bomi county, Tibetan: Spo mes rdzong, in Nyingchi prefecture 林芝地區|林芝地区, Tibet
you let me win (said politely after winning a game)
(polite) do me the honor
Please do not be too severe on me!
goodbye (modest formula) / Excuse me, I must leave.
leave it to me (idiom) / I'll take care of it
  *麿* | 麿* | *麿
(Japanese kokuji) I, me (archaic) / suffix attached to the name of a person or pet / pr. maro
please find sb better qualified than me (idiom)
ten thousand deaths will not prevent me (idiom); ready to risk life and limb to help out
submit to me and prosper, or oppose me and perish
lit. I'm ashamed and dare not (accept the honor); fig. I do not deserve your praise. / You flatter me too much.
your visit (honorific) / you honor me with your visit
your name has been known to me for a long time (polite)
please forgive me
give me liberty or give me death
to call sth a cow or a horse (idiom); it doesn't matter what you call it / Insult me if you want, I don't care what you call me.
excuse me / to be sorry / (Taiwanese, POJ pr. [phái-sè])
Please do not be too severe on me!
undue trouble / Thank you for having gone out of your way to help me.
to be indebted to sb for care / thank you for looking after me
to pardon / please excuse (me) / to take responsibility
to overpraise / You praise me too much!
lit. do not begrudge gems of wisdom (idiom, humble expr.); fig. Please give me your frank opinion. / Your criticism will be most valuable.
don't tell me ... / could it be that...?
without eloquence / untalented / I, me (humble)
I, me (self-referring by a widowed empress etc, used in historical novels and operas)
untalented / I / me (humble) / also written 不才
please excuse me for not complying / to politely decline

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