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uptight; obstinate; to awkwardly force oneself to do sth (from Taiwanese, Tai-lo pr. [king], often written as ㄍㄧㄥ, no generally accepted hanzi form)
(Tw) to cram; to study (from Taiwanese 齧書, Tai-lo pr. [khè su], lit. to gnaw a book) / see also 啃書|啃书
(Tw) A-choy, or Taiwanese lettuce (Lactuca sativa var. sativa) (from Taiwanese 萵仔菜, Tai-lo pr. [ue-á-tshài] or [e-á-tshài])
small shrimp; dried, shelled shrimps / (Tw) (coll.) what (from Taiwanese 啥物, Tai-lo pr. [siánn-mih], equivalent to Mandarin 什麼|什么)
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(Tw) (vulgar) semen (from Taiwanese , Tai-lo pr. [siâu])
oyster (from Taiwanese, Tai-lo pr. [ô-á])
(Tw) naive and innocent (girl or boy); underage prostitute (from Taiwanese, Tai-lo pr. [iù-khí])
biluochun or pi lo chun, a type of green tea grown in the Dongting Mountain region near Lake Tai 太湖, Jiangsu
(dialect) hen; prostitute / (Tw) (adjective) interfering; nosy; (noun) busybody (from Taiwanese 家婆, Tai-lo pr. [ke-pô])
(lit.) I cry!; Oh, bosh!; Shoot! (from Taiwanese 我哭, Tai-lo pr. [goá khàu])
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(Tw) oyster (from Taiwanese, Tai-lo pr. [ô])
(Tw) trick (of the trade); clever move (from Taiwanese, Tai-lo pr. [phiat-pōo])
(Tw) child; youngster (Taiwanese, Tai-lo pr. [gín-á])
(Tw) French kissing; to waggle one's tongue around (from Taiwanese 抐舌, Tai-lo pr. [lā-tsi̍h])
(Tw) (coll.) indecisive; fussy; nitpicking (from Taiwanese, Tai-lo pr. [ku-moo])
(Tw) to catch an adulterous man in the act (from Taiwanese 掠猴, Tai-lo pr. [lia̍h-kâu])
(lit.) to cry from hunger (from Taiwanese 哭枵, Tai-lo pr. [khàu-iau]) / (slang) (Tw) to whine; shut the hell up!; fuck!; damn!
(Tw) excuse me; to be sorry (from Taiwanese, Tai-lo pr. [pháinn-sè])
(Tw) obstinate; argumentative; opinionated; skeptical of superstitions (from Taiwanese, Tai-lo pr. [thih-khí])
(Tw) to pretend; to put on a false front (from Taiwanese, Tai-lo pr. [ké-sian])
(Tw) affected; pretentious; to put on a display of histrionics (from Taiwanese, Tai-lo pr. [ké-pai])
(lit.) to cry over one's dad's death (from Taiwanese 哭爸, Tai-lo pr. [khàu-pē]) / (slang) (Tw) to rattle on; to carp; stop whining!; shut the hell up!; fuck!; damn!
calm; unperturbed (from Taiwanese, Tai-lo pr. [lāu-sîn-tsāi-tsāi])
(Tw) (vulgar) cunt (from Taiwanese 膣屄, Tai-lo pr. [tsi-bai]) / (slang) to fuck around with; (used as an intensifier) fucking; fucked up
(Tw) (slang) to be ticked off by (sb or sth); to be pissed at (sb or sth); to be in a foul mood; down in the dumps (from Taiwanese 揬𡳞, Tai-lo pr. [tu̍h-lān])
(Tw) oyster omelette (from Taiwanese, Tai-lo pr. [ô-á-tsian])
(Tw) to have been dealt a hard lot in life (from Taiwanese, Tai-lo pr. [pháinn-miā])
(slang) (Tw) to chat idly; to gossip (from Taiwanese 抐屎, Tai-lo pr. [lā-sái])
(Tw) considerate; thoughtful (from Taiwanese 貼心, Tai-lo pr. [tah-sim])
(Tw) (neologism c. 2010) to speak one's mind directly (face to face with the person with whom one has an issue) (from Taiwanese 出來講, Tai-lo pr. [tshut-lâi kóng], with "tshut-lâi" pronounced in contracted form as "tshòai")
(Tw) (vulgar) what the hell? (from Taiwanese 啥潲, Tai-lo pr. [siánn-siâ], equivalent to Mandarin 什麼|什么)
(Tw) (coll.) matter; thing (from Taiwanese, Tai-lo pr. [tāi-tsì], equivalent to Mandarin 事情)
to have fun (from Taiwanese 𨑨迌, Tai-lo pr. [tshit-thô])
low fidelity / lo-fi
(slang) (Tw) coward; paper tiger; a nobody (from Taiwanese 卒仔, Tai-lo pr. [tsut-á])
Boshiamy, input method editor for Chinese (from Taiwanese 無啥物, Tai-lo pr. [bô-siánn-mih] "it's nothing")
(Tw) impressive (from Taiwanese 削削叫, Tai-lo pr. [siah-siah-kiò])
(coll.) (Tw) troublesome customer; obnoxious guest (from Taiwanese 漚客, Tai-lo pr. [àu-kheh])
(Tw) benefit; advantage (from Taiwanese 好空, Tai-lo pr. [hó-khang])
(Tw) to doze off (from Taiwanese 盹龜, Tai-lo pr. [tuh-ku])
(Tw) to doze off (from Taiwanese 盹龜, Tai-lo pr. [tuh-ku])
(Tw) to build up a rapport; to cultivate a warm relationship (from Taiwanese 跋感情, Tai-lo pr. [pua̍h-kám-tsîng])
(Tw) to defecate; to take a crap (from Taiwanese 放屎, Tai-lo pr. [pàng-sái])
(Tw) to lose one's shirt (gambling); to meet with failure (from Taiwanese 摃龜, Tai-lo pr. [kòng-ku])
(Tw) (slang) authentic; genuine (from Taiwanese, Tai-lo pr. [tsiànn-káng])
(Tw) (slang) don't; must not; won't do (from Taiwanese 毋通, Tai-lo pr. [m̄-thang], similar to Mandarin 不要 or 不行)
corn (from Taiwanese, Tai-lo pr. [huan-be̍h])
(Tw) to doze off (from Taiwanese 盹龜, Tai-lo pr. [tuh-ku])
(coll.) (Tw) to defend an untenable position with ridiculous arguments (from Taiwanese, Tai-lo pr. [ngē-áu]) / Taiwan pr. [ying4 ao1]
Gallen Lo (1962-), Hong Kong actor and singer
ba-wan, dumpling made of glutinous dough, typically stuffed with minced pork, bamboo shoots etc, and served with a savory sauce (Taiwanese snack) (from Taiwanese 肉圓, Tai-lo pr. [bah-uân])
(Tw) to dream of having (sth one cannot possibly have); to covet (sth beyond one's grasp) (from Taiwanese 數想, Tai-lo pr. [siàu-siūnn])
(Tw) to doze off (from Taiwanese 盹龜, Tai-lo pr. [tuh-ku])
cross-eyed (Tw) (from Taiwanese 挩窗, Tai-lo pr. [thuah-thang])
Tai-lo, romanization system for Taiwanese Hokkien (abbr. for 臺灣閩南語羅馬字拼音方案|台湾闽南语罗马字拼音方案)
(Tw) popular given name (one that will turn many heads if you shout it at a marketplace) (from Taiwanese 菜市仔名, Tai-lo pr. [tshài-tshī-á-miâ], where 菜市仔 means "marketplace")
(Tw) to wander about; to roam around freely (from Taiwanese 拋拋走, Tai-lo pr. [pha-pha-tsáu])
depressed and frustrated (from Taiwanese, Tai-lo pr. [ut-tsut])
(Tw) heibaiqie, side dish of ingredients selected from a range on display, sliced up and served together on a plate (from Taiwanese 烏白切, Tai-lo pr. [oo-pe̍h-tshiat], where 烏白 means "as one pleases")

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