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  *业* | 业* | *业
line of business / industry / occupation / job / employment / school studies / enterprise / property / (Buddhism) karma / deed / to engage in / already
  *缘* | 缘* | *缘
cause / reason / karma / fate / predestined affinity / margin / hem / edge / along
good karma / opportune connection with marriage partner
(Buddhism) divine retribution / karma
predestination / karma
karma / cause and effect
good karma
mutually related karma (idiom); fates are intertwined / interdependent
karma / preordained fate (Buddhism)
(Buddhism) retribution / karma
Fan Zhen (c. 450-c. 510), philosopher from Qi and Liang of the Southern dynasties, as atheist denying Buddhist teachings on karma and rebirth
bad karma
(Buddhism) good karma
karma (loanword)
collective karma (Buddhism) / consequences that all must suffer

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