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  *鬼* | 鬼* | *鬼
ghost / demon / terrible / damnable / clever / sly / crafty / (suffix for sb with a certain vice or addiction etc) / one of the 28 constellations
to come and go / to roam about (mostly unseen) / (of a ghost) to haunt (a place) / (of a criminal) to stalk (the streets) / (of the sun) to rise and set
specter / apparition / ghost
to float about / to flutter (in the breeze) / (dialect) gay guy / (Tw) ghost
rarity / rare delicacy / foreign matter / alien body / the dead / ghost / monstrosity / alien life-form
ghost / spirit (of the dead)
to write as substitute for sb / a ghost writer / plagiarism
variable / changeable / fickle / impermanence (Sanskrit: anitya) / ghost taking away the soul after death / to pass away / to die
Holy Ghost / Holy Spirit
Ghost Festival on 15th day of 7th lunar month when offerings are made to the deceased
(of a ghost) to make strange things happen / to act up / to act behind the scenes / to make mischief / odd / to misbehave (euphemism for having sex)
ghost of one who died unjustly / departed spirit demanding vengeance for grievances
(coll.) ghost (Tw)
fox lady / in folk stories, a beautiful girl who will seduce you then reveal herself as a ghost
supernatural novel / novel of ghosts and goblins
demons and ghosts / ghouls and bogies
In Search of the Supernatural, compilation of legends about spirits, ghosts and other supernatural phenomena, written and compiled by 干寶|干宝 in Jin dynasty
the gateway to the ghost world
demons and ghosts / ghouls and bogies
ghost / spirit
sb who is always hungry / glutton / (Buddhism) hungry ghost
to play tricks / to cheat / to get up to mischief / to become a ghost / to give up the ghost
to wail like ghosts and howl like wolves (idiom)
to die (idiom) / to breathe one's last / to give up the ghost
ghost story
the hidden and the visible / that which can be seen and that which cannot / darkness and light / night and day / wisdom and ignorance / evil and good / the living and the dead / men and ghosts
ghost town
"white ghost", derogatory term for caucasians (Cantonese)
  *伥* | 伥* | *伥
ghost of sb devoured by a tiger who helps the tiger devour others
boisterous live show held during the Ghost Festival 中元節|中元节 in Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia
lit. ghosts are afraid of evil too / an evil person fears someone even more evil (idiom)
ghost of sb devoured by a tiger who helps the tiger devour others
  *魊* | 魊* | *魊
ghost of a child
to tell fox ghost stories around a bonfire and incite rebellion / an uprising is afoot (idiom)
Liu Juanzi's medical recipes bequeathed by the ghost Huang Fugui 黃父鬼|黄父鬼
Five ghosts mock the judge, or Five ghosts resist judgment (title of folk opera, idiom); important personage mobbed by a crowd of ne'er-do-wells
(dialect) to die / to give up the ghost
to give food (as a charity) / "feeding the hungry ghosts" (Buddhist ceremony)
posthumous or ghost marriage (in which at least one of the bride and groom is dead)
king cobra or ghost chili (Naga jolokia)
Ghost Festival on 15th day of 7th lunar month when offerings are made to the deceased
foxes, ghosts and immortals / supernatural beings, usually fictional
ghost world
Huang Fugui, ghost of legends who provided Liu Juanzi with his magical recipes 劉涓子鬼遺方|刘涓子鬼遗方
ghost of a person who died by hanging / hanged person / (coll.) inchworm / hangman (word game)
to feed the starving ghosts (i.e. offer sacrifice to protect the departed spirit)
Ghosts' festival on 15th day of 7th moon

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