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finance and economics
share certificate / stock (finance)
banking / finance / financial
finances (public) / financial
financial management / finance
to audit / to examine finances
to be in debt / to incur debts / liability (finance)
abbr. for 期貨合約|期货合约, futures contract (finance)
to buy (finance)
Belt and Road Initiative, Chinese government plan to provide finance and engineering expertise to build infrastructure across Eurasia and northeast Africa, unveiled in 2013
Ministry of Finance
the current period / this term (usually in finance)
finance and taxation
finance and accounting
earnings rate / earnings yield (finance)
joint guarantee (finance, law)
hedging (finance)
Greater China / refers to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau (esp. in finance and economics) / refers to all areas of Chinese presence (esp. in the cultural field), including parts of Southeast Asia, Europe and the Americas
warrant (finance)
many-headed / many-layered (authority) / devolved (as opposed to centralized) / pluralistic / (as classifier) number of animals / long term (finance) / long (investment)
(finance) to crash / to collapse / crash
equity participation (finance)
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE)
banking circles / the world of finance
rural capital (finance)
Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing
consumer finance
(literary) the vast sky / (finance) eventual downturn / poor prospects in the long term
phony / so-called / armchair (expert) / vain (promise) / (finance) short-seller / bear (market) / short (selling)
Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing / abbr. for 中央財經大學|中央财经大学
to flee from danger / to avoid danger / to minimize risk / (finance) hedge
to extend credit (finance) / credit
futures contract (finance)
to hollow out / to empty out / to use up / (finance) tunneling
derivative product / derivative (in finance)
treasurer / head of finances / minister of finance
collateral (finance)
company finance / corporate finance
reserve requirement (finance)
to close a position (finance)
finance and trade
to relax completely / to empty one's mind / (finance) to sell short / (of a commercial vehicle) to travel empty (no cargo or passengers) / to deadhead
(finance) leverage / gearing
paid-in capital / contributed capital (finance)
derivative (finance)
negotiation (finance)
unit trust (finance)
minister of finance
corporate bonds (finance)
good prospects in the long term (finance)
structured note (finance)
gold contract / special drawing right (SDR) / paper gold (finance)
stop order (finance)
central finance / Chinese monetary fund
quantitative easing (finance)
foreign exchange collection (finance)
International Finance Corporation
finance minister
government revenue / tributary goods and finances / finances and taxes / wealth / property / belongings
open-mouthed (jar etc) / (of speech) freely / exposure (finance)
to sell short (finance)
basis point (finance), abbr. to 基點|基点
Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing / abbr. for 中央財經大學|中央财经大学
swap (finance)
paid-in capital / contributed capital (finance)
system of circuit breakers / limit up, limit down system (finance)
(finance) yield to maturity (YTM)
Guizhou University of Finance and Economics
fat finger error (finance)
subscribed capital (finance)
forward contract (finance)
finance minister / UK chancellor of exchequer
the state of family finance
(finance) trading curb / circuit breaker
to buy on margin (finance)
to short-sell (finance)
hidden loss (finance)
minister of finance
(provincial) department of finance
good prospects in the short term (finance)
to entrust / trust bond (finance)
poor prospects in the short term (finance)
lump-sum (finance)
consumer finance / abbr. of 消費金融|消费金融
credit derivative (in finance)
(finance) deductible / excess fee
credit default swap (finance)
a form of transit taxation in China introduced to finance armies to suppress the Taiping Rebellion
vesting period (in finance)
building society (finance)

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