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  *狗* | 狗* | *狗
  *哈* | 哈* | *哈
(interj.) ha! / (onom. for laughter) / (slang) to be infatuated with / to adore / abbr. for 哈士奇, husky (dog)
  *犬* | 犬* | *犬
dog / Kangxi radical 94
  *叼* | 叼* | *叼
to hold with one's mouth (as a smoker with a cigarette or a dog with a bone)
(coll.) dog / doggie
to take in and care for (an elderly person, a dog etc) / to adopt (a child) / adoption
gleaming with tears / woof woof (sound of a dog barking) / (literary) (of a body of water) broad and deep
broken line (continuous figure made up of straight line segments) / polygonal line / dog leg
hound / hunting dog
long-wool (sheep etc) / long-haired (dog etc)
  *狸* | 狸* | *狸
raccoon dog / fox-like animal
hot dog (loanword)
leopard cat / raccoon dog / palm civet
to walk a dog
Samoyed (dog)
hunting dog / hound / (fig.) running dog / lackey
canine excrement / dog poo / bullshit
dog meat
police dog
beloved pet dog
  *颉* | 颉* | *颉
to confiscate / legendary dog-like animal (old)
  *戌* | 戌* | *戌
11th earthly branch: 7-9 p.m., 9th solar month (8th October-6th November), year of the Dog / ancient Chinese compass point: 300°
dog food / (Internet slang) public display of affection (term used by singles 單身狗|单身狗 forced to "eat" it)
wild dog / feral dog / stray dog
border collie (dog breed)
  *豺* | 豺* | *豺
dog-like animal / ravenous beast / dhole (Cuon Alpinus) / jackal
(of a dog) to hold a frisbee in its mouth / (fig.) derogatory nickname given to Hu Xijin 胡錫進|胡锡进 for doing the CCP's bidding as editor of the "Global Times"
lit. love the house and its crow (idiom); involvement with sb and everyone connected / Love me, love my dog.
  *狩* | 狩* | *狩
to hunt / to go hunting (as winter sport in former times) / hunting dog / imperial tour
dog's leg / fig. one who follows a villain / henchman / hired thug
golden retriever (dog breed)
(coll.) to get one's just deserts / to serve sb right / to get one's share of (good or bad things) / every dog has its day
stray dog (idiom)
lit. to behave like a dog wagging its tail, seeking its master's affection (idiom) / fig. to fawn on sb / to bow and scrape / to grovel
lit. to pour dog's blood on (idiom) / fig. torrent of abuse
  *貉* | 貉* | *貉
raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides) / raccoon of North China, Korea and Japan (Japanese: tanuki) / also pr. [hao2]
to imitate the dog and steal chicken (idiom) / to pilfer / to dally with women / to have affairs
a dog threatens based on master's power (idiom); to use one's position to bully others
Doberman (dog breed)
If you want to condemn sb, don't worry about the pretext (idiom, from Zuozhuan 左傳|左传); one can always trump up a charge against sb / Give a dog a bad name, then hang him.
lit. shut the door and beat the dog (idiom) / fig. seal off the enemy's avenue of retreat, then strike hard
  *犺* | 犺* | *犺
fierce dog
lit. heart of wolf and lungs of dog (idiom) / cruel and unscrupulous
  *啀* | 啀* | *啀
to growl (of dog) / to bare fangs
six domestic animals, namely: pig, cow, sheep, horse, chicken and dog
raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides) / raccoon of North China, Korea and Japan (Japanese: tanuki) / also called
a cornered dog will jump over the wall (idiom) / to be driven to desperate action
lit. to use a dog's tail as a substitute for sable fur (idiom) / fig. a worthless sequel to a masterpiece
golden retriever (dog breed) / Cibotium barometz, Asian tropical tree fern with hairy fronds (used in TCM)
mangy dog / (fig.) loathsome person
Year of the Dog (e.g. 2006)
  *獳* | 獳* | *獳
angry dog
mastiff (dog breed)
pekingese (dog) / (fig.) sycophant / lackey
lit. the service of a dog or a horse (idiom) / fig. faithful service
hunting dog
Rottweiler (dog breed)
  *肰* | 肰* | *肰
dog meat / old variant of
crowing like a cock and stealing like a dog (idiom) / bag of tricks / useful talents
  *獀* | 獀* | *獀
dog (dial.) / to hunt
  *猣* | 猣* | *猣
dog giving birth to three puppies
lit. a white cloud transforms into what looks like a gray dog (idiom) / fig. the unpredictable changeability of the world
(idiom) unwilling to let go / like a dog with a bone / dogged
  *猃* | 猃* | *猃
a kind of dog with a long snout / see 獫狁|猃狁
Chinese shar-pei (dog breed)
  *猲* | 猲* | *猲
short-snout dog
lit. a dog who catches mice / to be meddlesome (idiom)
  *尨* | 尨* | *尨
shaggy dog / striped
Dalmatian (dog breed)
lit. to beat a drowning dog (idiom) / fig. to pulverize an (already defeated) enemy / to hit sb when he's down
  *猈* | 猈* | *猈
dog with short shinbone
pug (breed of dog)
  *獢* | 獢* | *獢
pug (breed of dog)
  *玂* | 玂* | *玂
dog giving birth to a puppy
  *狦* | 狦* | *狦
(archaic) vicious dog / beast resembling a wolf
  *猘* | 猘* | *猘
mad dog
pig-dog (intended as insult) / Schweinhund
  *獞* | 獞* | *獞
name of a variety of dog / wild tribes in South China
Pekingese (dog breed)
lit. to occupy a latrine but not shit (proverb) / fig. to be a dog in the manger
a dog biting Lü Dongbin (idiom) / to ill reward a person's kindness
drug detector dog / sniffer dog
Snoopy (comic strip pet dog)
Year 11, year of the Dog (e.g. 2006)
dog hole / gap caused by missing teeth / fig. den of thieves
lit. when one beats a dog, one must answer to its master (idiom) / fig. before punishing sb, one should consider how that would affect others associated with him
shih tzu (dog breed)
mad dog / rabid dog
lit. fucked or spawned by a dog / contemptible / lousy, fucking
Snoopy (comic strip pet dog)
if you marry a chicken follow the chicken, if you marry a dog follow the dog (idiom)
lit. father a lion, son cannot be a dog (honorific); With a distinguished father such as you, the son is sure to do well. / like father, like son
shepherd dog
lit. a dog can't stop himself from eating shit (idiom) / fig. bad habits are hard to change
downward-facing dog (yoga pose)
lit. (cloud shapes) changing from a white shirt to a gray dog (idiom) / fig. the unpredictable changeability of the world
(Internet slang) to be dog-tired
to lead the dog into the village (idiom) / to introduce a potential source of trouble
to take a dog for a walk

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