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country / nation / state / CL: 個|个
north / the northern part a country / China north of the Yellow River
president (of a country) / CL: 個|个, , , 屆|届
developed (country etc) / flourishing / to develop
to rule (a country) / to govern / rule / regime
constitution (of a country) / CL:
  *京* | 京* | *京
capital city of a country / big / algebraic term for a large number (old) / artificial mound (old)
domestic / internal (to a country) / civil
  *国* | 国* | *国
country / nation / state / national / CL: 個|个
foreign (country) / CL: 個|个
  *川* | 川* | *川
river / creek / plain / an area of level country
south / the southern part of the country / the South
our country / China
  *赴* | 赴* | *赴
to go / to visit (e.g. another country) / to attend (a banquet etc)
  *邦* | 邦* | *邦
country / nation / state
in all parts of (a country) / various regions
  *盾* | 盾* | *盾
shield / (currency) Vietnamese dong / currency unit of several countries (Indonesian rupiah, Dutch gulden etc)
country's territory / national land
rivers and lakes / all corners of the country / remote areas to which hermits retreat / section of society operating independently of mainstream society, out of reach of the law / the milieu in which wuxia tales play out (cf. 武俠|武侠) / (in late imperial times) world of traveling merchants, itinerant doctors, fortune tellers etc / demimonde / (in modern times) triads / secret gangster societies / underworld
to found a country / nation-building / the foundation of PRC by Mao Zedong in 1949
to go abroad / to leave the country / emigration
entire population (of a country)
  *乡* | 乡* | *乡
country or countryside / native place / home village or town / township (PRC administrative unit)
the West / the Occident / Western countries
each country / every country / various countries
cross country
parts of the country other than where one is
outside (a country's) borders
every part of the country
within the borders / internal (to a country, province, city etc) / domestic
flag (of a country) / CL:
a power (i.e. a dominant country)
to love one's country / patriotic
first under heaven / number one in the country
the six directions (north, south, east, west, up, down) / the whole country / the universe / everything under the sun
rivers and mountains / landscape / country / state power
powerful country / great power
tycoon / magnate / big player (including company, country, school etc) / big shot
unified examination (e.g. across the country)
to return to one's home country
to enter a country
to leave a country or region / outbound (tourism)
one's native country / native / local / metropolitan territory
a port for external trade / a trading or transit post on border between countries
both countries / two countries
capital (of a country)
capital of a country
country / nation
to rule a country
mountainous region / hilly area / hilly country
the characteristics and circumstances particular to a country / current state of a country
the spread of Korean cultural products (TV dramas, pop music etc) to other countries / Korean Wave
Georgia (country)
mountains and rivers / the whole country
to travel around (the world, a country etc)
next-door neighbor / neighboring household / adjacent country (short for 鄰接的國家|邻接的国家)
  *墟* | 墟* | *墟
ruins / (literary) village / variant of / country fair
rich country / make the country wealthy (political slogan)
to found a state / to open a closed country
to settle (in some city, country etc) / to take up residence
to invigorate the country
  *圩* | 圩* | *圩
(dialect) country fair / country market
developing country
to pass through a country's territory / transit
foreign country / alien land
to defend one's country
all parts of the country
to manage state affairs / to govern the country
to go home (to one's native country) / to return from abroad
the West (Europe and North America) / countries of the Indian Ocean (traditional)
to bring peace and stability to a country, region etc
the northern part of the country / the North
member country
in the country / rural / pastoral
to dedicate oneself to the service of one's country
Emirate / Sheikdom / used as translation for country under a chief
to run away / to flee (the country)
Bohemia, historical country of central Europe
one country, two systems (PRC proposal regarding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan)
capital of a country (literary)
national boundary / border between countries
one's own country
Japan (old) / East Asian countries
the entire country
lit. green hills and clear waters / pleasant country scene (idiom)
commander-in-chief / top military commander for a country or theater of operations
internal affairs (of a country)
bordering country / neighbor country / neighboring countries / surrounding countries
morning exercises (physical exercises commonly performed en masse at schools and workplaces in East Asian countries)
ancient country
Chu Ci, the Songs of Chu (ancient book of poems, collected during Han but esp. from country of Chu c. 500 BC)
to care for / to show concern for / to think longingly (of one's country)
to close the passes / to seal off the country / seclusion (monastic practice, e.g. of Chan Buddhists)
cross country running
newborn baby / the people (of a country)
plain / open country
Bohemia, historical country of central Europe
southern border (of a country) / South Xinjiang
to found a country
country code

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