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to request / to require / requirement / to stake a claim / to ask / to demand / CL: 點|点
to declare / to announce / to proclaim
military skill or technique (in former times) / all kinds of martial art sports (some claiming spiritual development) / self-defense / tradition of choreographed fights from opera and film (recent usage) / also called kungfu 功夫 / CL: 種|种
to recycle / to reclaim / to retrieve / to recover / to recall (a defective product)
to issue / to proclaim / to enact (laws, decrees etc)
to proclaim / to make public or well known
  *赖* | 赖* | *赖
to depend on / to hang on in a place / bad / to renege (on promise) / to disclaim / to rat (on debts) / rascally / to blame / to put the blame on
emperor / god / Hong Xiuquan's self-proclaimed title / see also 洪秀全
to read aloud with expression / to recite / to declaim
to settle a claim / claims settlement / payment of claims
to be known as / to be nicknamed / to be purportedly / to claim (often exaggeratedly or falsely)
  *攀* | 攀* | *攀
to climb (by pulling oneself up) / to implicate / to claim connections of higher status
to ask for compensation / to claim damages / claim for damages
to appeal / to demand (an answer) / requirement / demand / claim / appeal / (marketing) message
to claim / to state / to proclaim / to assert
to call oneself / to claim to be / to profess / to claim a title
lit. to proclaim oneself hegemon / to take a leading role / to build a personal fiefdom
to claim (as one's property) / to adopt (a child) / to accept (an illegitimate child as one's own)
to assert / to claim
to declare / to proclaim
to believe (what sb claims) (usually used in the negative) / (math.) confidence (interval etc)
Great Sage the Equal of Heaven, self-proclaimed title of the Monkey King Sun Wukong 孫悟空|孙悟空 in the novel Journey to the West 西遊記|西游记
Diaoyu Islands, claimed by China but controlled by Japan as the Senkaku Islands, also called the Pinnacle Islands
to claim / to pretend
  *垦* | 垦* | *垦
to reclaim (land) / to cultivate
reclaimed water / recycled water
staking a claim to territory / enclosure
Diaoyu Islands, located between Taiwan and Okinawa, controlled by Japan – which calls them the Senkaku Islands – but claimed by China as part of its territory
Shu Han (c. 200-263), Liu Bei's kingdom in Sichuan during the Three Kingdoms, claiming legitimacy as successor of Han
Yuan Shikai (1859-1916), senior general of late Qing, subsequently warlord and self-proclaimed emperor of China
to claim a credit against / tax reduction
claim to rights (copyright, patent etc)
social climbing / to claim connections with people in higher social class
lit. wind from an empty cave (idiom) / fig. unfounded (story) / baseless (claim)
to claim / to insist
to obtain by impersonation / to falsely claim as one's own
to deny / to disclaim / to disavow
expense claim form
to reclaim land by diking
to make a claim (for damages etc)
to make a formal request / formal request / to make a claim (law)
rushing to stake one's claim in new markets
to claim credit for oneself
to plead / to claim as an excuse
both sides claim they're right (idiom)
to demand / to claim
peer competition / to function as rivals / to make claims as an equal
Arunachal Pradesh, a state of India in the northeast of the country, occupying an area claimed by China in an ongoing sovereignty dispute
a death claimed to be a suicide by the authorities
  *畇* | 畇* | *畇
reclaimed land
to make far-fetched claims (idiom) / to offer outlandish explanations
to usurp / to claim unjustly / to expropriate
to claim credit due to others
not to claim personal credit for achievement (idiom)
to claim credit for other people's achievements (idiom)
to have benefited from sth but pretend otherwise / to claim to be hard done by, even though one has benefited
anti-secession law of 2005 (whereby PRC claims the right to invade Taiwan)
to claim ownership (of stolen goods)
to claim falsely (literary)
to use claims to kinship or friendship to climb socially (idiom)
Cotai, portmanteau term referring to the islands of 路環|路环 (Coloane) and 氹仔 (Taipa) in Macau / the strip of reclaimed land between Coloane and Taipa / the island formed by Coloane, Taipa and the reclaimed land between them
to claim credit due to others / to appropriate other's credit or honor

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