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car / automobile / bus / CL: 輛|辆
  *车* | 车* | *车
car / vehicle / CL: 輛|辆 / machine / to shape with a lathe
  *停* | 停* | *停
to stop / to halt / to park (a car)
second-hand car
auto race / cycle race / race car
Geely, Chinese car make
  *挡* | 挡* | *挡
to resist / to obstruct / to hinder / to keep off / to block (a blow) / to get in the way of / cover / gear (e.g. in a car's transmission)
enclosed carriage for carrying passengers / motor carriage / car or bus / limousine / CL: , 輛|辆
racing bicycle / sporting bicycle / sports car / logging truck / on the job (of a train conductor)
Benz (name) / Mercedes-Benz, German car maker
BMW (car company)
Toyota or Toyoda (name) / Toyota, Japanese car make
to drive a car
car show girl / model who poses next to cars
power car / multiple-unit train (abbr. for 動車組|动车组)
line (in drawing, calligraphy etc) / the lines or contours of a three-dimensional object (hairstyle, clothing, car etc)
parking lot / car park
to get off or out of (a bus, train, car etc)
Acura (Honda car model)
Nissan, Japanese car make / also transliterated 尼桑
Ford (name) / Ford, US car make
traffic accident / car crash / CL: 場|场
car-free zone / pedestrian street
small model car / mini-car / small horse-cart / barrow / wheelbarrow / type of folk dance
to confess one's crime / first model, version, kind etc (of gadgets, software, cars etc)
taxi / (Taiwan) rental car
Mazda, Japanese car make (derived from name Matsuda 松田) / also known as 萬事得|万事得
compact car model
to ride (in a car or carriage) / to drive / to motor
Porsche (car company)
Volvo (Swedish car company)
clutch (in car gearbox) / separation and reunion
special (or reserved) train (or bus etc) / limousine / private car used as a taxi and booked via a smartphone app
Lincoln (name) / Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), US president 1861-1865 / Lincoln, US car make
Reynolds (name) / Renault (French car company) / Reno, Nevada
(business) licence / vehicle licence / car registration / licence plate
locomotive / train engine car / scooter (Tw) / (slang) (Tw) hard to get along with / a pain in the ass / damn! / crap!
Daihatsu, Japanese car company
Jetta (car produced by Volkswagen)
to get on or into (a bus, train, car etc)
street racing (motorbikes or cars)
car or other vehicle (bicycle, truck etc)
Accord (Honda brand Japanese car model)
Citroën (French car manufacturer)
compact car
compact car
Škoda, Czech Republic car manufacturer, a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group
to take the car, bus, train etc
hired car / chartered car
protective or tinted film (for LCD screens, car windows etc) / facial mask (cosmetics)
Jeep (car brand)
to park (a vehicle) (loanword) / parking / parked car
bus / abbr. for 公共汽車|公共汽车 / car belonging to an organization and used by its members (government car, police car, company car etc) / abbr. for 公務用車|公务用车
car door / door of bus, railway carriage etc
to repair a bike (car etc)
travel time / expected time for a car journey
to park (a car etc) / to moor (a boat etc) / to leave sth (in a place)
(car, van) driver
police car
car roof
pedal (in a car, on a piano etc) / treadle / footstool / footrest / footboard
car-related business / car dealership / taxi company / (commercial) garage
(of a car, ship, train etc) to enter
Polo (car made by Volkswagen) / surname Polo
a currently widespread fraud in PRC involving deliberately crashing cars then demanding compensation
private car
long queue / long line (of cars, people etc)
car bumper
Maybach, German car brand
to ride as a passenger / to travel by (car, plane etc)
to overtake (another car)
lit. car shaking / car sex
General Motors (car company)
hanging basket (for flowers) / gondola (of cable car)
antipinch (e.g. preventing catching fingers in automatic car windows)
to get around using a conveyance (car, bicycle, sedan chair etc) / to ride (or drive) / means of transportation
to wax (a car, floor etc)
car window / window of vehicle (bus, train etc)
armored car / CL: 輛|辆
Opel (car brand)
(in a manual car) gear (i.e. reverse, neutral, 1st, 2nd etc) / (automatic car) transmission mode (P, R, N, D etc) / (electric fan etc) speed setting
convertible car / open car
to knock down and kill sb with a car / to run over sb / to run sb down
trunk / boot (of a car)
to crash (into another car) / (fig.) (of opinions, schedules etc) to clash / (of subject matter) to be the same
Nissan, Japanese car make (derived from 日產)
Bugatti (name) / Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. (French car company)
glove compartment (of a car) / glovebox (sealed compartment with attached gloves for handling hazardous materials etc)
car allowance
gear (of car etc)
(coll.) abandoned car
cable car
dining car / diner
signal light / car indicator
classic car
lead-acid accumulator / battery (e.g. in car)
bumper car
taxi / cab (PRC) / hire car (Tw) / CL: 輛|辆
car park
cigarette lighter (in a car) / 12-volt cigarette lighter receptacle

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