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sports / physical education
to educate / to teach / education
to bear / to give birth / to grow / to rear / to bring up (children) / fertility
to train / to breed
to develop / to mature / growth / development / (sexually) mature
to be pregnant / to produce offspring / to nurture (a development, school of thought, artwork etc) / fig. replete with (culture etc)
  *育* | 育* | *育
to have children / to raise or bring up / to educate
higher education
to raise a child
elementary education
sports / physical culture
vocational training
Beijing Institute of Education
sports / sporting activity
compulsory education
preschool education / early childhood education
to breed
Ministry of Education
family planning
gym / gymnasium / stadium / CL: 個|个
physical exercise
moral education
to be infertile / to have no offspring
stadium / CL: 個|个,
all-round education (contrasted with 應試教育|应试教育, exam-oriented education)
military sports / military fitness (curriculum etc) / abbr. to 軍體|军体
sporting event
sex education
special education / special-needs education
school board
to rear / to bring up / to nurture
to breed / breeding
seed selection / breeding
multimedia education / abbr. to 電教|电教
childcare / conservation (of the environment etc)
to nurture / to raise / to foster / to tend
nanny (for infants and toddlers)
specialized education / technical school
sporting competition
puberty / period of development
to feed / to nurture / to foster
educational background
Educational Television (Hong Kong)
general education
exam-oriented education / teaching to the test
scientific parenting
to sterilize / to spay
childbearing age
secondary education / middle school education
developmental biology
fertility / ability to have children
to practice birth control
nanny (for infants and toddlers)
to be the parent of (a child)
intellectual development
spare-time education / evening classes
technical middle school education
sports circles / the sporting world
regular education
birth rate
to stress education
late childbirth / to have a child at a later age
academic world / academic circles / academia
Ashoka (304-232 BC), Indian emperor of the Maurya Dynasty 孔雀王朝, ruled 273-232 BC
forestry / silviculture
stock breeding (biology)
primary education / junior school education
Olympic Stadium
China Education and Research Network (CERNET) / abbr. to 中國教育網|中国教育网
Chengdu Sports University
Workers Stadium
Physical Education department
to increase / to multiply / to proliferate
to bear and raise children
to rear (an animal)
Shanghai Stadium
sterility / barrenness
Minister of Education / Director of Education Department
to marry and give birth late
Socialist Education Movement (1963-66), formal name of the Four Cleanups Movement 四清運動|四清运动
general education
intrauterine device (IUD)
instructive / educational
marsupial pouch
Window on Sports
to incubate / to rear (chicks)
general middle school education
custody and reeducation (administrative punishment for prostitutes)
childbearing age
unathletic person
Yukon (Canadian territory adjacent to Alaska)
All-China Sports Federation
directed breeding
to give birth to / to give rise to
Beijing National Stadium

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