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to search (a place) / to search (a database etc)
  *搜* | 搜* | *搜
to search
Sohu, Chinese web portal and online media company
Sougou (searching dog) search engine, www.sogou.com
search engine
to gather / to collect
to search / to look for
Sohu, Chinese web portal and online media company
to search
to gather / to collect / to bring together
search and rescue
to rake in (money) / to plunder / to milk people dry
to hunt and arrest (fugitives) / to track down and arrest / a manhunt
search tree (computing)
In Search of the Supernatural, compilation of legends about spirits, ghosts and other supernatural phenomena, written and compiled by 干寶|干宝 in Jin dynasty
(Tw) abbr. for 人肉搜索
to crowdsource information about sb or sth (often as a form of vigilantism resulting in doxing)
to do a body search / to frisk
search and rescue dog
to seek / to look for
search engine
search warrant
to find / to capture (after search) / to uncover (evidence)
search warrant / to look for evidence
to search one's guts and belly (idiom); to racks one's brains for a solution
to search out / to check
human flesh search engine / a large-scale collective effort to find details about a person or event (Internet slang)
search party
to rack one's brains (for apt wording etc) (idiom)
see 搜刮
search warrant (Tw)
search software

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