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good / favorable / well / fine
good and honest / kindhearted
to improve (sth) / to reform (a system)
  *良* | 良* | *良
good / very / very much
fine / good / first-rate
a good chance / a golden opportunity
excellent / of superior quality
malnutrition / undernourishment / deficiency disease / dystrophy
improved type / good breed / pedigree
Zhang Xueliang (1901-2001) son of Fengtian clique warlord, then senior general for the Nationalists and subsequently for the People's Liberation Army
positive (in its effect) / leading to good consequences / virtuous / (medicine) benign (tumor etc)
New Orleans, Louisiana
virtuous cycle (i.e. positive feedback loop)
Liangzhu (c. 3400-2250 BC), neolithic culture of Changjiang delta
good doctor / skilled doctor
Ma Liang (Three Kingdoms)
docile / tame
good karma / opportune connection with marriage partner
good medicine / effective prescription / fig. good plan / effective strategy
Yanliang District of Xi'an 西安市, Shaanxi
benign tumor
Luliang county in Qujing 曲靖, Yunnan
good medicine / panacea / fig. a good solution / a good remedy (e.g. to a social problem)
(of a slave or servant) to be given one's freedom / (of a prostitute) to marry and leave one's trade
a good wife and loving mother
Liangxiang town in Beijing municipality
husband (arch.)
warm and kind
fine time, beautiful scenery (idiom); everything lovely
Nara, an old capital of Japan
good friend / companion
Liangqing District of Nanning City 南寧市|南宁市, Guangxi
Yiliang county in Kunming 昆明, Yunnan
Gallen Lo (1962-), Hong Kong actor and singer
good teacher and helpful friend (idiom); mentor
to root out the strong and give people peace (idiom); to rob the rich and give to the poor
innate sense of right and wrong / conscience / bosom friend
dacron (loanword)
a fine bird chooses a tree to nest in (proverb) / fig. a talented person chooses a patron of integrity
good and bad people intermingled
good family / innocent people
(of a man) able and virtuous
a good while / a long time
a fine bird chooses a tree to nest in (proverb) / fig. a talented person chooses a patron of integrity
good agricultural land / fertile land
Liangqing District of Nanning City 南寧市|南宁市, Guangxi
gems of wisdom (idiom); priceless advice
Yiliang county in Kunming 昆明, Yunnan
kindhearted / good-natured
to ponder earnestly / to give a lot of thought to sth
reformism (i.e. favoring gradual change as opposed to revolution)
good medicine tastes bitter (idiom); fig. frank criticism is hard to swallow
Luliang county in Qujing 曲靖, Yunnan
Yiliang county in Zhaotong 昭通, Yunnan
good people / ordinary people (i.e. not the lowest class)
temperate, kind, courteous and restrained
Liangzhu (c. 3400-2250 BC), neolithic culture of Changjiang delta
stock breeding (biology)
to sit and waste a good opportunity (idiom); to lose the chance
Chu Suiliang (596-659), one of Four Great Calligraphers of early Tang 唐初四大家
bad money drives out good money (economics)
harmful trend
Yiliang county in Zhaotong 昭通, Yunnan
devoid of conscience (idiom); utterly heartless
Yanliang District of Xi’an 西安市, Shaanxi
good plan / good idea
good horse
Nara prefecture in central Japan
fine time, lucky day (idiom); fig. good opportunity
Mt Mengliang in Mengyin county 蒙陰縣|蒙阴县, Linyi 臨沂|临沂, Shandong
good Chinese wood-oil tree (Aleurites cordata)
temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous
Nara period (710-794) in early Japanese history
Varyag, former Soviet aircraft carrier purchased by China and renamed 遼寧號|辽宁号
good harbor
Ma Lianliang (1901-1966), Beijing opera star, one of the Four great beards 四大鬚生|四大须生
prisoner of conscience
bad / harmful / unhealthy
New Orleans, Louisiana
Battle of Mt Mengliang in Shandong of 1947 between the Nationalists and Communists
to force an honest girl into prostitution (idiom) / to debauch
good timber / sound material / fig. able person / sound chap
in all honesty / truth to tell
fine evening, beautiful scenery (idiom)
good plan / right strategy / to take one's time forming the right decision
to earn people's praise through one's good deeds (idiom)
Hui Liangyu (1944-) PRC Hui national career politician from Guilin, background in economics, politburo member 2002-2012, deputy chair of State Council 2003-2013
virtuous companions and worthy friends
William A.P. Martin (1827-1916), American missionary who lived 62 years in China between 1850 and 1916, and helped found many Chinese colleges, first president of Peking University
inability to adjust / unable to adapt
Tran Duc Luong (1937-), former president of Vietnam
Mongol surname
expert craft from hard practice (idiom); hard-won skill / A masterpiece demands suffering.
Hsu Hsin-liang (1941-), Taiwanese politician
considerably / much / quite a bit

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