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  *牢* | 牢* | *牢
firm / sturdy / fold (for animals) / sacrifice / prison
firm / secure
to keep in mind / to remember
firmly / safely
to be imprisoned
prison / dungeon
discontent / complaint / to complain
cage / trap (e.g. basket, pit or snare for catching animals) / fig. bonds (of wrong ideas) / shackles (of past misconceptions) / to trap / to shackle
jail cell / prison cell
to whine / to be grouchy
lit. to mend the pen after sheep are lost (idiom) / fig. to act belatedly / better late than never / to lock the stable door after the horse has bolted
lit. to be confined within a circle drawn on the ground (idiom) / fig. to confine oneself to a restricted range of activities
firm and solid / robust / reliable
to immobilize with a lasso / to be trapped in the stock market
inmate / cellmate
prison / jail
to gaze intently at / to scrutinize
strong / firm
prison cell containing water, in which prisoners are forced to be partly immersed
to do prison time (Tw)
to clinch (a nail) / to nail down
jailer (old)
jailer (old)
to be behind bars
to go to prison / to be imprisoned
a youth without facial hair cannot be relied upon (proverb)
lit. belly full of complaints (idiom) / discontent / always moaning and complaining
fallen into a trap
to fall into a trap / ensnared
reliable / solid and dependable

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