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foodstuff / food / provisions / CL: 種|种
culinary delicacy / fine food / gourmet food
  *食* | 食* | *食
to eat / food / animal feed / eclipse
  *食* | 食* | *食
to feed
food / CL: 種|种
dining hall / CL: 個|个, 間|间
food and drink / diet
cookbook / recipe / diet / CL: , 個|个
foodstuff / cereals / CL: 種|种
between-meal nibbles / snacks
food product / to use as food / edible
food therapy / treatment via food (TCM)
(China) Food and Drug Administration
edible salt
vegetables / vegetarian food
food made from wheat flour, such as noodles, dumplings, buns etc
to take a meal / to eat
State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA)
main food / staple (rice and noodles)
food / meals
fast food (Tw)
clean, unadulterated food product / organic food
cooked food / prepared food / deli food
to devour
health food
to be picky about food
dessert / sweet
diner (in a restaurant etc) / hanger-on / sponger
state food and drug administration (SDA)
to feed
to forage / to hunt for food / to scavenge / fig. to make a living
to suck / to take in
index finger / mouths to feed
to prey on / to catch and feed on / to hunt for food
to save food / to go on a diet
deli / delicatessen
non-staple food / CL: 種|种
tonic food (food considered to be particularly healthful) / to eat such foods
grain crops / cereals
food chain
esophagus / the proper way to eat / food transportation route
genetically modified (GM) food
to nibble away at (as silkworm consume leaves) / fig. to embezzle progressively
clothes and food
to fast / to abstain from eating / to forbid the eating of (certain foods) / a fast
solar eclipse
greedy / glutton
Food is the God of the people. (idiom); People view food as the primary need. / Food first, ethical niceties second
food cereals
total lunar eclipse
to forage / to gather for eating / to pick and eat
to eat (of bird or animal) / to feed
food / edibles
to eat and drink unreasonably
omnivorous (zoolog.) / snacks / a varied diet
food expenses / board expenses / meals (cost)
cold food (i.e. to abstain from cooked food for 3 days around the Qingming festival 清明節|清明节) / the Qingming festival
to make a living / to strive to earn a living
lit. the weak are prey to the strong (idiom); fig. predatory behavior / the law of the jungle
table vinegar
to aid digestion
Appetite and lust are only natural (Mencius 6A:4). / By nature we desire food and sex.
lit. food and medicine come from the same source (idiom) / fig. there is no clear-cut distinction between food and medicine
total eclipse of the sun
junk food
partial to (some kinds of food, usu. unhealthy) / having likes and dislikes / partial eclipse
(of food) to retain in stomach due to indigestion (TCM)
food vendor's stand
to consume
having ample food and clothing (idiom); well fed and clothed
total eclipse
light meal / snack
to eat too much / to binge
not having to worry about clothes and food (idiom) / to be provided with the basic necessities
to go on a hunger strike
larder / pantry
to prey on / predation / predatory
to take (medication, vitamins etc)
lunar eclipse / eclipse of the moon
lit. to eat off one's own strength (idiom) / fig. to stand on one's own feet / to earn one's own living
board and lodging / room and board
hot food
lit. to eat one's words / to break a promise / to go back on one's word / to renege / unsworn testimony
Carnivora, order of carnivores within Mammalia
to eat one's own fruit (idiom); fig. suffering the consequences of one's own action / to reap what one has sown
lit. not eating the food of common mortals / fig. placing oneself above the common populace

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