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to sink into / to get caught up in / to land in (a predicament)
defect / flaw / physical defect
pitfall / snare / trap
  *陷* | 陷* | *陷
pitfall / trap / to get stuck / to sink / to cave in / to frame (false charge) / to capture (a city in battle) / to fall (to the enemy) / defect
to fall into enemy hands / to be occupied / to degenerate / to submerge
to be deeply in (trouble, debt etc) / deep set (eyes)
to be trapped / to be imprisoned
to entrap / to set up / to frame (up) / to make false charges against
to cave in / hollow / sunken / depressed
to surrender (of a fortress) / to fall (to the enemy) / subsidence (of land)
to subside / to sink / to cave in
to entrap / to frame / to plant false evidence against sb
to overcome / to take (a fortress) / to fall (to an attack) / to surrender
to fall deeper and deeper (in debt, in love etc)
birth defect
collapse of 氣|气 (TCM)
to subside / subsidence
to charge and break through enemy lines
subsidence / caving in / fig. stranded / lost (in contemplation, daydreams etc)
enemy-held territory
speech defect
thrown into prison / behind bars
to frame (an innocent person) / to collapse
human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
depression / low-lying area
to frame / to bring false charges against
birth defect
area of subsidence
pitfall / pit as animal trap
to be paralyzed / at a standstill
geological depression
to go to prison / to be imprisoned
to lure into a trap
tragic flaw (Aristotle's hamartia)
fallen into a trap
Thucydides trap (theory that war results when a dominant established power fears the rise of a rival power)
speech defect
to fall into a trap / ensnared
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
caught in (a bad situation) / to fall into (trap etc)
unjust accusation / miscarriage of justice
to sink / to settle
to fall in / to cave in

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