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hospital / CL: , ,
court of law / court
  *院* | 院* | *院
courtyard / institution / CL: 個|个
college / educational institute / school / faculty / CL:
academy of sciences / CL: 個|个
school of management
State Council (PRC) / State Department (USA)
college / academy / educational institution
school of engineering / college of engineering
cinema / movie theater
graduate school
law school
the head of an institution whose name ends in / chair of a board / president of a university / department head / dean / premier of the Republic of China / CL: 個|个
teacher's college / normal school
scholar / academician / fellow (of an academy)
Examination Yuan, the qualification and appointment board under the constitution of Republic of China, then of Taiwan / exam board
Chinese Academy of Science
academy of classical learning (Tang Dynasty - Qing Dynasty)
theater / CL: ,
Supreme People's Court (PRC)
courtyard / garden / yard / patio / CL: 個|个 / (old) servant
deputy chair of board / vice-president (of a university etc)
abbr. for 中國社會科學院|中国社会科学院, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
business school / university of business studies
music academy / conservatory
medical school
cinema / movie theater / CL: ,
art institute / art and drama college
Beijing Institute of Education
to be in hospital / to be hospitalized
prosecutor's office / procuratorate
Guilin Medical University
nursing home
Chinese Academy of Engineering
to leave hospital / to be discharged from hospital
(Chinese) Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)
court / courtyard
professional school / higher vocational school
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)
courtyard (surrounded by many buildings) / compound / great institution
one family courtyard
theater chain (abbr. for 電影院線|电影院线)
State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China
opera house
high court
to receive hospital treatment / to be hospitalized
beauty salon / lady's hair parlor
courtyard house with a fully enclosed courtyard (type of Chinese residence)
PRC Supreme People's Procuratorate (prosecutor's office)
welfare agency
orphanage / child asylum
two chambers (of legislative assembly), e.g. House of Representatives and Senate
rear court / back garden / backyard (also fig.)
Palace Museum, in the Forbidden City, Beijing / National Palace Museum, Taipei
Central Academy of Drama
Shanghai Theatrical Institute
Beijing Film Academy
Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council
Shanghai Conservatory of Music
State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of State Council (SASAC) / abbr. to 國資委|国资委
University College, London
parliament / congress / legislative assembly
inpatient department
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
cinema / movie theater
to transfer (a patient) to a different hospital / to transfer to hospital (e.g. a prisoner)
Central Conservatory of Music
brothel / whorehouse
lower house of bicameral assembly / House of Representatives (USA) / Chamber of Deputies
Chongqing Science and Technology University
to enter hospital / to be hospitalized
Confucius Institute, organization established internationally by the PRC, promoting Chinese language and culture
Taiwan Affairs Office
criminal court / judiciary court
US Department of State
Beijing Dance Academy
senate / upper chamber (of legislative assembly)
cloister / temple / monastery / CL:
University of International Relations, Beijing, established in 1949
Notre-Dame Cathedral (Paris, France)
Guangdong Medical College
Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
Beijing International Studies University (BISU)
maritime court
monastery / convent
court ruling
Shanghai Grand Theater
United States Senate
Yuelu Academy in Changsha, Hunan, famous ancient academy
European Court of Justice
academism (art)
Anhui College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
China Foreign Affairs University
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London
(dialect) courtyard

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