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sharp (e.g. knife blade) / incisive / to the point
vanguard / pioneer / avant-garde
  *锋* | 锋* | *锋
point of a spear / edge of a tool / vanguard / forward (in sports team)
vanguard / front line / a forward (sports)
to charge / to assault / assault
Lei Feng (1940-1962), made into a model of altruism and dedication to the Party by propaganda from 1963 onwards
to cross swords / to have a confrontation (with sb)
midfielder / center (basketball) / center forward (hockey, football)
Tse Ting-Fung or Nicholas Tse (1980-), Cantopop star
cutting edge or point of a knife, sword or tool
to strive
submachine gun
wing / wing forward
daring vanguard / pioneer / leading figure
tip (of pencil, spear etc) / sharp point / cutting edge / spearhead / vanguard
to show off one's ability
to oppose each other with equal harshness (idiom); tit for tat / measure for measure
the tip of a writing brush / vigor of style in writing / stroke / touch
front (meteorology)
Jian Zoupianfeng, pseudonym of prolific modern novelist
the sword moves with side stroke (modern idiom) / fig. unexpected winning move / unconventional gambit
Hua Guofeng (1921-2008), CCP Chairman 1976-1981
Young Pioneers of China (primary school league, a preparation for Communist Youth League) / abbr. to 少先隊|少先队
selfless model citizen, just like Lei Feng 雷鋒|雷锋
to charge and break through enemy lines
first sign of budding talent / to display one's ability for the first time
cold front (meteorology)
brush stroke to the side (calligraphy) / fig. side stroke / lateral thinking
pioneer / trailbreaker
topic under discussion / thread of discussion
to push oneself forward / to seek fame / to be in the limelight
warm front (meteorology)
manner of speech / tone of voice
stationary front (meteorology)
to lead the charge
oblique attack (brush movement in painting)
high speed steel
to be talented yet self-effacing (idiom)
thread of discussion / topic
frontal attack (brush movement in painting)
to draw in one's claws / to show some modesty
Uzi (submachine gun)
variant of 鋒芒|锋芒
lit. to reach the tip and try (idiom); to have a go when at one's peak
stationary front (meteorology)
occluded front (meteorology)
occluded front (meteorology)

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