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to relate (a story or information) / to tell or talk about / to recount / narration / telling / narrative / account
to expound (a position) / to elaborate (on a topic) / to treat (a subject)
an assertion / to declare / to state
to describe / description
to talk about / to narrate / to give an account
to sum up / a roundup / a general narrative
to outline / to summarize / to sketch / summary / brief description / concise narrative / in a nutshell / briefly
  *述* | 述* | *述
to state / to tell / to narrate / to relate
aforementioned / above-mentioned
treatise / discourse / exposition
to summarize / to sum up
to formulate / enunciation / to explain sth precisely
to recount
to write an account (of events)
to comment on / commentary
to recount in one's own words / autobiography / written self-introduction
aforestated / stated above / the preceding statement
to recount / to narrate / to give an account of
to say more than is necessary / to give unnecessary details
to state / to assert / to allege / to specify
to repeat / to restate / to recapitulate
to dictate / to recount orally
to repeat (one's own words or sb else's) / (in the classroom) to paraphrase what one has learned
variant of 複述|复述
declarative sentence
to quote
to pass on (stories) / to relate
overview / to give an overview
writing / to write / to compile
to compose (a piece of writing) / to write / (written) work / writer
to elaborate / detailed explanation
to refer to
to talk (or write) about one's recollections of past events
to summarize / a summary
representation letter (law) / a brief / written statement / declaration
recollections / to relate (past events)
(literary) to carry on / to inherit / to succeed
to relay / to retell
to narrate / to tell of
to relate in detail

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