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  *转* | 转* | *转
  *转* | 转* | *转
to turn / to change direction / to transfer / to forward (mail)
  *转* | 转* | *转
to revolve / to turn / to circle about / to walk about / classifier for revolutions (per minute etc): revs, rpm / classifier for repeated actions
to change / to switch / to convert / to transform
transfer (technology, goods etc) / conveyancing (property)
to change / to transform / isomerization (chemistry)
to forward (a shipment) / to reprint sth published elsewhere / Taiwan pr. [zhuan3 zai4]
to shift / to divert or distract (attention etc) / to change / to transform / metastasis (medicine) / to evacuate (people)
to change / to transform / shift / transformation / CL: 個|个
to transmit / to forward (mail, SMS, packets of data) / to pass on / to republish (an article from another publication)
transformation / to transform
to rotate / to revolve / to spin / to whirl
converter / transducer
to transfer (money to a bank account)
to forward goods / to ship / to distribute / transshipment / a lucky break / change of fortune (for the better)
to change direction / fig. to change one's stance
to get lost / to lose one's way
to turn back / to reverse
change over to / shift to / switch to
to rotate / to circulate (cash, stock etc) / turnover / circulation / cash flow
shift in the trend of events / turnaround / plot shift in a book / turn in the conversation
to work / to operate / to revolve / to turn around
to move one's base (of operations) / to reposition / to relocate
to change (train or plane) / transfer / correspondence
to turn sth around / to swivel
to rotate (about an axis) / to revolve / to turn / to move in a circle / to gyrate
to toss about in bed / from person to person / indirectly / to wander
reversal / inversion / to reverse / to invert (upside down, inside out, back to front, white to black etc)
to be on the move / to roam or wander / to circulate (of goods or capital)
to roll / to turn over / to invert / to flip
bend in a street / corner / to turn a corner
(of a person) to turn round / to face about / (of a widow) to remarry (archaic)
to turn / to go around a corner
angular velocity / number of revolutions per minute
to turn right
to turn to (sth else) / to switch to
to transfer to full membership / to obtain tenure
to reverse / to turn around (an undesirable situation)
rotor (electricity)
relay / broadcast (on radio or TV)
to pass on to sb / to carry and give to sb else
to transfer to another club (professional sports)
to pass on to
to rotate / to turn round / slalom
to revolve / to rotate / rotation
to improve / to take a turn for the better / improvement
turntable / rotary (traffic)
genetic modification
switch / connection / to put through (to telephone extension)
to pass on / to communicate / to transmit
merry-go-round / carousel / Carousel, South Korean TV soap opera
in a flash / in the blink of an eye / to glance
(to take) a turn for the better / to change planes
to make a sudden turn
to stroll
hub (network equipment)
reincarnation or transmigration (Buddhism)
to pass on / to resell / to change hands
to fight in one place after another
turning point / breaking point
genetically modified (GM) food
transferred meaning
vehicle turn indicator light
to change profession
to make an about-turn / to reverse one's direction, policy, sequence etc / to turn things on their head
to change schools / to transfer to another college
to change one's profession / to transfer to civilian work
to turn left
transferase (enzyme)
to turn one's head / to change direction / U-turn / volte face / to repent
nutation (plants turning to face the sun)
convertible debt / convertible bond
reincarnation (Buddhism)
to transfer (school)
transcription / to make a copy of a recording
to transfer (a patient for treatment in a different hospital)
genre of song-and-dance duet popular in northeast China
the mountain road twists around each new peak (idiom) / (of a mountain road) twisting and turning / fig. an opportunity has come unexpectedly / things have taken a new turn
transfer fee / signing bonus / sign-on bonus
to sublet / to sublease
orbital revolution
rotating disk / wheel / rotor / cycle of reincarnation in Buddhism
in the twinkling of an eye / in a flash / to turn one's eyes
to transpose
to rotate
to rotate about an axis / axis of rotation (math.)
axis of rotation
tachometer / RPM gauge
(voice, music) suave / mellow / (speech) indirect / tactful
to adapt for use for another purpose
transposition / displacement / inversion / translocation / to displace / to transpose
index (rotating gauge) / cam gradation
to resell
to change track
to turn back / to put back / reversal / melodic inversion (in music)
axis of rotation
lit. to upend heaven and earth (idiom) / fig. to change the course of events / to turn things around
confused and disoriented

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