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  *赔* | 赔* | *赔
to compensate for loss / to indemnify / to suffer a financial loss
to compensate
to ask for compensation / to claim damages / claim for damages
to pay out / to compensate / (insurance) payment
to settle a claim / claims settlement / payment of claims
lit. if one is fake, I shall compensate you for ten of them / fig. (of goods) 100% genuine
reparations / to pay reparations
to lose money / to pay for damages
guarantee to pay compensations
(insurance) excess
to offer an apology / to make amends
to apologize
to sentence (sb) to pay compensation
loss / to sustain losses
to agree to pay compensation / to accept liability
to be conciliatory or apologetic / to tread warily in dealing with sb
to pay for sth with the loss of (one's health etc) / to have sth come at the cost of (one's reputation etc)
having given away a bride, to lose one's army on top of it (idiom) / to suffer a double loss after trying to trick the enemy
to apologize
franchise clause (insurance)
to smile apologetically or obsequiously
to sustain loss in trade
to make a claim (for damages etc)

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