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  *贱* | 贱* | *贱
inexpensive / lowly
slut / cheap person
poor and lowly
noble and lowly / high versus low social hierarchy of ruler to people, father to son, husband to wife in Confucianism
to sell cheaply / sacrifice / low price / discount sale
social stratum below the level of ordinary people / untouchable / dalit (India caste)
contemptuous term
bitch / slut
humble / lowly / depraved / contemptible
to sell at a big discount
not shaken by poverty / to preserve one's ambitions although destitute
morally loose, lewd and low, lascivious and mean / wanton
humble / lowly
miserable wretch / contemptible individual
to revere the past and despise the present (idiom)
my wife (humble)
lowly / despicable / to despise
lowly / mean and low
to revere the past and despise the present (idiom)
orders weightier than life
close and distant, rich and poor (idiom); everyone / all possible relations
base / worthless
slut / tramp (old)

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