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to appreciate / to enjoy / to admire
reward / prize / award
  *赏* | 赏* | *赏
to bestow (a reward) / to give (to an inferior) / to hand down / a reward (bestowed by a superior) / to appreciate (beauty)
to admire / to praise / to appreciate
to offer a reward / bounty
to reward / to tip / to give a gratuity
understanding and enjoying (a work of art)
an order to post a reward (for the capture of a criminal)
to appreciate (as a connoisseur)
to look at sth with pleasure / to watch (sth marvelous) / ornamental
warms the heart and delights the eye (idiom) / pleasing / delightful
to bestow / to confer (a reward for service) / a reward
to appreciate / to recognize the worth of sth / appreciation
to admire the full moon
tip / gratuity / monetary reward / bonus
see 供石
connoisseur / appreciative person / fan
to appreciate (a work of art)
can be enjoyed by scholars and lay-people alike (idiom)
to receive a prize
to be full of admiration
to enjoy the sights (of)
lone flower admiring itself (idiom); narcissism / self-love
to appreciate / to take pleasure in / to enjoy
reward and punishment
to admire / to express admiration
to enjoy the flowers on a spring outing (idiom)
(polite) do me the honor
lit. remarkable work appreciated by all (idiom); universally praised (original meaning) / incomprehensible nonsense / preposterous bullshit
high merit that one can never repay (idiom); invaluable achievements
surprised and admiring / to appreciate with surprise
to do sb the honor (of attending etc) / to put in an appearance / to show up
to bestow a prize or reward / an award
to enjoy a beautiful spring walk (idiom)
as everyone can appreciate (idiom); clear to all / unarguable
reward / to reward
to review records and decide on rewards (idiom)

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