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reliable / reasonable / probable
  *谱* | 谱* | *谱
chart / list / table / register / score (music) / spectrum (physics) / to set to music
menu (in restaurant) / recipe / cookbook
cookbook / recipe / diet / CL: , 個|个
archive of graphics (e.g. maps, documents or botanical figures) / atlas / collection of illustrations or sheet music
music notation in which the notes Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La and Si are represented by numerals 1 to 7
guitar tablature
to compose (a piece of music) / (fig.) to create, by one's actions, a narrative (generally one that can be recounted with pride)
a musical score / sheet music
frequency spectrum / spectrum / spectrogram
types of facial makeup in operas
(music) staff / stave
mass spectrometry
spectrometer / spectrograph
kifu (record of a game of go or shogi)
musical score
to compose a piece of music
musical score
genealogical record / family history / lineage
excessive / beyond reasonable limits / irregular
Qingyunpu district of Nanchang city 南昌市, Jiangxi
spectral analysis
genealogy / family tree
infrared spectrum
Qingyunpu district of Nanchang city 南昌市, Jiangxi
to notate music / to write a score
spectral line
variant of 譜系|谱系
broad spectrum
spectral analysis (physics)
mass spectrometer
to have a plan / to know what one is doing
band of a spectrum
to be clueless / to have no plan
chronicle (of sb's life)
to read a score / to read music
old ways / old habit
list of Gods and Immortals / pantheon
collection of seal stamps
method of music notation
to put on airs / to be ostentatious
mapping of genome
genealogical record / record of ancestors / family tree
to have a plan in mind
musical stave
lit. directory of orchids / fig. genealogical record (esp. exchanged between sworn brothers)
family tree / ancestral records
traditional Chinese musical notation using Chinese characters to represent musical notes
to have a clearcut idea / to have firm guidelines / to have confidence / to be sure / to be certain
genealogy / family tree / same as 譜牒|谱牒
erhua variant of 沒譜|没谱
lit. directory of golden orchids / fig. genealogical record (esp. exchanged between sworn brothers)
Anthology of ci poems tunes (1795), edited by Xu Menglan 舒夢蘭|舒梦兰, with 100 accessible poems from Tang through to Qing times
erhua variant of 有譜|有谱
erhua variant of 擺譜|摆谱
China state radio regulation committee SRRC
restriction mapping (in genomics) / restriction pattern
list of emperors and kings / dynastic genealogy
definite idea / certainty / clear plan / definite guidelines
astronomical spectroscopy
dark-line spectrum

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