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staff officer / to give advice
plot / conspiracy
to seek / to strive for
  *谋* | 谋* | *谋
to plan / to seek / scheme
to scheme / to plot / conspiracy
to murder / to assassinate / intentional homicide
murder case
to scheme together / to conspire / joint plan / conspiracy
to put forward plans and ideas (also derogatory) / to give advice (idiom)
to seek one's livelihood / to work to support oneself / to earn a living
Zhang Yimou (1950-), PRC film director
stratagem / scheme
premeditated / to plan sth in advance (esp. a crime)
to seek / to strive for / to obtain / see also 牟取
to conspire
to meet
stratagem / strategy / resourcefulness
schemer / conspirator
chief of staff
to agree without prior consultation / to happen to hold the same view
to plan matters / to look for a job
to use one's position for personal gain (idiom)
resourceful / full of stratagems
conspiracy theory
conspiracy / secret plan / to conspire
to get / to obtain
to work out a strategy / to come up with a plan for
resourceful / intelligent
skilled manipulator / tactician / strategist / advisor / counsellor
lit. persons who walk different paths cannot make plans together / to go separate ways (idiom)
to plot and kill sb for his property (idiom); to murder for money
imperial strategic adviser / expert on strategy
trickery / tactics
(military) General Staff Headquarters
Mozilla Corporation / intelligence and wisdom / resourceful / same as 智謀|智谋
to conspire openly / overt plot
crafty plots and machinations (idiom)
rigorous schemes and deep foresight (idiom); astute and circumspect
Yuanmou County in Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture 楚雄彞族自治州|楚雄彝族自治州, Yunnan
(military) Chief of Staff
to conspire / to plot together
planning is with man, accomplishing with heaven (idiom); Man proposes but God disposes.
to conspire to murder / to plot against sb's life
to plot a rebellion / to conspire against the state
(idiom) to have never met / to be complete strangers
to premeditate / to plot
to do business / to manage / to strive for / to use every possible means (toward a goal)
to make a profit / to gain / to get an advantage
don't meddle in affairs that are not part of your position (Confucius)
to consider / to turn over in one's mind
to conspire with sb / to plot / a conspirator / a partner in crime / an accomplice
army Chief of Staff
Yuanmou County in Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture 楚雄彞族自治州|楚雄彝族自治州, Yunnan
stratagem / scheme
(idiom) to take matters into one's own hands / to go it alone / to fend for oneself / to find one's own way forward (esp. to find oneself a job)
lit. deep plans and distant thoughts / to plan far ahead (idiom)
resourceful and decisive / resolute and sagacious
to make a living / to strive to earn a living
stratagem (political or military) / trick
to get a better job somewhere else (idiom) / to seek alternative employment
bold but not very astute (idiom)
to conspire
stratagem / scheme / shrewdness
to look for a job / to seek employment
(idiom) great plans can be ruined by just a touch of impatience
a long-term plan / an ambitious strategy
to plot to assassinate
to be good at working for one's own profit (idiom)
to plan and consider / to reflect on one's best strategy
strategic experts and powerful generals (idiom)
profound or erudite plans
strategic experts as thick as rain (idiom); no shortage of advisers on strategy
a well-thought out long-term strategy
strategic experts and powerful generals (idiom)
premeditated murder
lit. ask passers-by how to build one's house (idiom); fig. to have no idea what to do / without a clue
to use influence to get what one wants / to find a way through (esp. corrupt) / to succeed by means fair or foul
unable to plan / inept at strategy (idiom)
the crime of conspiracy to overthrow the government
to secretly plan treason (idiom)

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