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plan / project / program / to plan / to map out / CL: 個|个, 項|项
to estimate / to reckon / CL: 個|个 / (coll.) to suppose
plan / design / to design / to plan / CL: 個|个
to count / to calculate / to compute / CL: 個|个
accountant / accountancy / accounting
statistics / to count / to add up
to sum up to / to total
to bother about / to haggle / to bicker / to argue / plan / stratagem
computer / (Tw) calculator / CL: 臺|台
calculator / calculating machine
to accumulate / cumulative
to forecast / to predict / to estimate
to audit / to examine finances
designer / architect
  *计* | 计* | *计
surname Ji
  *计* | 计* | *计
to calculate / to compute / to count / to regard as important / to plan / ruse / meter / gauge
to count down / countdown
interior design
to measure time / to time / to reckon by time
measurement / to calculate
time charge
to add up the total / to figure what sth amounts to / to consider
accounting / accountancy
(grand) total
to disregard / to take no account of
to valuate / valuation
landscape design
business plan
statistical data
statistical table / chart
to count / reckoning
look / external appearance / design / overall brand look or logo that can be patented
computer science
computer programming
web design
industrial design
(China) National Bureau of Statistics (NBS)
action plan
thermometer / thermograph
accounting system
family planning
intelligent design (religion)
planned childbirth / birth control / family planning / abbr. for 計劃生育|计划生育
design norm / planning regulations
audit office / public accounts committee
counter / register
according to statistics
to reckon / to calculate / to plan / to expect / to scheme
concept from Vedic astronomy (Sanskrit Ketu), the opposite point to 羅睺|罗睺 / imaginary star presaging disaster
to calculate the score
blood pressure meter / sphygmomanometer
partner / fellow / mate / waiter / servant / shop assistant
planned economy
designer / architect (of a project)
trick / ruse / crafty scheme
stratagem / scheme
large scale program of lasting importance / project of paramount importance / to think big / annual national audit
timer / chronograph / timepiece / clock / timekeeping device (sundial, water clock)
to set aside / to make provision for (capital requirements)
planned target / scheduled target
electronic computer
according to (the) plan ...
lit. their number cannot be counted (idiom); fig. countless / innumerable
pressure gauge / manometer / piezometer
chief accounting officer / controller / comptroller / (Han Dynasty) treasurer
scheming / shrewdness
computer simulation
lit. thousand ways, a hundred plans (idiom); by every possible means
density gauge
accountant / auditor
calculation / reckoning
accrual (accounting)
computational mathematics / numerical mathematics
CAD computer-aided design
clinical thermometer
The Thirty-Six Stratagems, a Chinese essay used to illustrate a series of stratagems used in politics, war, and in civil interaction / all the possible schemes and stratagems
statistical results
the empty city stratagem (in which Zhuge Liang presents himself as unperturbed while making it evident that his city is undefended, hoping his adversary will suspect an ambush) / double bluff
statistically significant
network design / network plan
honey trap / sexual entrapment / CL: 條|条
to haggle over every ounce / (fig.) to fuss over minor matters / to split hairs
to employ a stratagem
PRC State Development and Planning Committee, set up 1998 to replace State Planning Committee 國家計劃委員會|国家计划委员会, replaced in 2003 by National Development and Reform Commission 國家發展和改革委員會|国家发展和改革委员会
a project of vital and lasting importance
parallel computing
to fall into a trap / taken in by a stratagem / cheated / ripped off
the trick of injuring oneself to gain the enemy's confidence / CL: 條|条
countless / innumerable
design process
according to estimates
to offer advice / to make a suggestion

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