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ethnic Chinese / non-Chinese citizen of Chinese ancestry
best feature / most important part of an object / quintessence / essence / soul
flourishing / bustling
  *华* | 华* | *华
abbr. for China
  *华* | 华* | *华
Mt Hua 華山|华山 in Shaanxi / surname Hua
  *华* | 华* | *华
old variant of / flower
  *华* | 华* | *华
magnificent / splendid / flowery
China (alternate formal name)
People's Republic of China
Xinhua (the official Chinese news agency)
Huawei (brand)
old name for China / Cathay
Jinhua prefecture-level city in Zhejiang
ethnic Chinese person or people
East China
Chinese language
central China
Southern China
Tsinghua or Qinghua University, Beijing / National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
Xinhua News Network
years / time / age
deluxe model
North China
Washington, D.C. / the US federal government
Mt Hua in Shaanxi, western mountain of the Five Sacred Mountains 五嶽|五岳
Xinhua News Agency
East China Normal University / abbr. for 華東師範大學|华东师范大学
talent / CL:
to sublimate / sublimation (physics) / to raise to a higher level / to refine / promotion
Vancouver (city in Canada)
Huaxia Bank
China Resources (company name)
overseas Chinese / (in a restricted sense) Chinese emigrant who still retains Chinese nationality / CL: 個|个, ,
within China / during one's visit to China
Washington (name) / George Washington (1732-1799), first US president / Washington, US State / Washington, D.C. (US federal capital)
Asus (computer manufacturer)
carnival (loanword)
Wall Street, New York / by extension, American big business
Longhua, name of numerous entities, notably Longhua Temple 龍華寺|龙华寺 in Shanghai and Longhua District of Haikou City 海口市, Hainan
Jianhua district of Qiqihar city 齊齊哈爾|齐齐哈尔, Heilongjiang
the Chinese people
luxurious / sumptuous / lavish
Hualong district of Puyang city 濮陽市|濮阳市, Henan
magnificent / gorgeous / ornate
brilliance / splendor / magnificence
glory and splendor
(policy etc) towards China
East China Normal University / abbr. for 華東師範大學|华东师范大学
Greater China / refers to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau (esp. in finance and economics) / refers to all areas of Chinese presence (esp. in the cultural field), including parts of Southeast Asia, Europe and the Americas
Andy Lau (1961-), Hong Kong Cantopop singer and actor
Jinhua prefecture-level city in Zhejiang
South China University of Technology
East China Normal University (ECNU)
Mt Tai 泰山 and Mt Hua 華山|华山 / another name for Mt Hua
(formal) birthday / anniversary of the founding of an organization
West China (region in the upper reaches of Yangtze River and Sichuan Province)
Huating county in Pingliang 平涼|平凉, Gansu
Edward / Édouard (name)
Xinhua District / Xinhua District of Shijiazhuang City 石家莊市|石家庄市, Hebei / Xinhua District of Cangzhou City 滄州市|沧州市, Hebei
Xihua county in Zhoukou 周口, Henan
Chinese language / Chinese script
Hualinbu, Ming dynasty theatrical troupe in Nanjing
young years / youth
overseas Chinese
Wuhua district of Kunming city 昆明市, Yunnan
Chenghua district of Chengdu city 成都市, Sichuan
Hua'an county in Zhangzhou 漳州, Fujian
Howard (name)
South China / Nanhua county in Chuxiong Yi autonomous prefecture 楚雄彞族自治州|楚雄彝族自治州, Yunnan
south or southern China
Longhua district of Haikou city 海口市, Hainan
to come to China
Republic of China
limousine / luxury carriage
to invade China (referring to 19th century imperialist powers and Japan)
Mt Jiuhua in Anhui, one of the Four Sacred Mountains and Bodhimanda of Kṣitigarbha 地藏
stationed in China / located in China
Chenghua district of Chengdu city 成都市, Sichuan
ostentatious / pretentious / showy
Wall Street Journal
East China University of Science and Technology
Wanhua district of Taipei City 臺北市|台北市, Taiwan
Warsaw, capital of Poland
marble pillar (ornamental column in front of places, tombs)
Huaqiao University
Chinatown / also called 唐人街
Simon Yam Tat-Wah (1955-), Hong Kong actor and film producer
Huaning county in Yuxi 玉溪, Yunnan
Walt (name)
Yuhua District of Shijiazhuang City 石家莊市|石家庄市, Hebei
the cream / essence / the quintessence
Zhang Hua (232-300), Western Jin writer, poet and politician / Zhang Hua (1958-1982), student held up as a martyr after he died saving an old peasant from a septic tank / other Zhang Hua's too numerous to mention
gorgeous / resplendent or rich color
(literary) gray hair

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