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absurd / ridiculous
  *荒* | 荒* | *荒
desolate / shortage / scarce / out of practice / absurd / uncultivated / to neglect
to open up land (for agriculture)
crop failure / famine / debt / difficulty
barren or uninhabited island / CL: 個|个,
to glean / to collect scraps / to eke out a meager living
to abandon (cultivated fields) / no longer cultivated / to lie waste / wasted / to neglect (one's work or study)
left to return to unchecked growth / overgrown / grown wild
beyond belief / incredible / preposterous / fantastic
savage / wild / uncivilized territory
beyond belief / preposterous / absurd / intemperate / dissipated
the Great Northern Wilderness (in Northern China)
weeds / brush (vegetation) / wild grassland
to open up land (for agriculture)
(neologism c. 2016) no tv shows to watch
natural disaster / famine
to open up land (for agriculture)
desert mountain / barren hill
wasteland / uncultivated land
to flee in defeat / to bolt
to escape from a famine / to get away from a famine-stricken region
until the end of time (idiom)
desolate and uninhabited (idiom)
to prepare against natural disasters
an abandoned village
to lie idle (of arable land) / fig. rusty because of lack of practice
shortage of electricity
soldiers munity and troops rebel (idiom); turmoil and chaos of war
absurd / preposterous / ridiculous
to abandon / to let go to waste
ridiculous / unbelievable / absurd
to clear waste land or forest by burning / slash-and-burn (agriculture)
unprecedented / for the first time / never before / first ever
absolutely ridiculous (idiom); preposterous / the height of folly
famine / critical shortage of grain
mourning ceremonial
barren sands of the Gobi desert
desolate and cold / frozen wastes
to be tolerant / to be forgiving / to conceal / to cover
to be out of practice / rusty
desolate and poor / infertile
abandoned land
Arai (Japanese surname)
lit. abandoned by men and choked with weeds / desolate (idiom)
absurd / unthinkable
desolate area outside a town
desolate / deserted / out-of-the-way
to be distracted from one's work and fail to achieve results (idiom)
completely ridiculous and unfounded
saline waste land
(bird species of China) isabelline shrike (Lanius isabellinus)
(literary) famine
out-of-the-way places
pioneer / groundbreaker
wallowing in lust
wild, mountainous country
drought and famine
remote region

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