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  *苟* | 苟* | *苟
surname Gou
  *苟* | 苟* | *苟
if / supposing / careless / negligent / temporarily
not one thread loose (idiom); strictly according to the rules / meticulous / not one hair out of place
to struggle on whilst at death's door (idiom)
perfunctory / careless / drifting along / resigned to one's fate / improper (relations) / illicit (sex)
to agree blindly
not lax / not casual / careful / conscientious
to drift and live without purpose (idiom); to drag out an ignoble existence
to beg to differ (idiom)
illicit sexual relations
to drift through life
don't forget your friends when you become rich
seeking only ease and comfort (idiom); making no attempt to improve oneself / taking things easily without attending to responsibilities
(literary) to extort / to take as bribe
lit. not even one stroke is negligent (idiom) / fig. to write characters (calligraphy) in which every stroke is placed perfectly
can't agree with

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