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  *而* | 而* | *而
and / as well as / and so / but (not) / yet (not) / (indicates causal relation) / (indicates change of state) / (indicates contrast)
(not only ...) but also / moreover / in addition / furthermore
thus / thereby
however / yet / but
therefore / as a result / thus / and as a result, ...
instead / on the contrary / contrary (to expectations)
that's all / nothing more
and then (what follows next)
after that / then
to reveal one's talent (idiom) / to rise above others / to distinguish oneself
clearly and easy to see (idiom); obviously / clearly / it goes without saying
to emerge to meet a historic destiny (idiom) / to arise at an opportune time / able to take advantage of an opportunity / to rise to the occasion
then / afterwards
occasionally / from time to time
varying from person to person (idiom); different for each individual
lit. to drop from the sky (idiom) / fig. to appear unexpectedly / to arise abruptly / out of the blue / to drop into one's lap
in short / in a word / in brief
to turn to (sth else) / to switch to
it goes without saying / it is self-evident
involuntary / automatically
to substitute for sb / to remove and replace
brief encounter / to brush past sb
over time / as time passes / in the fullness of time
now / at the present (time)
to get there in one step (idiom); easily done / success at a stroke / to get results overnight
to step forward bravely
to chip away at a task and not abandon it (idiom); to chisel away at sth / to persevere / unflagging efforts
it is obvious that... / as one can well imagine...
to blurt out / to let slip (an indiscreet remark)
easy / with no difficulty
lit. (bamboo) splits when it meets the knife's edge (idiom) / fig. easily solved
unknown / unable to find out
to agree by chance (idiom); taking the same action without prior consultation
lit. sth hits one in the face / directly in one's face / sth assaults the senses / blatant (advertising) / eye-catching / (a smell) assaults the nostrils
shiver all over though not cold / tremble with fear / shudder
to assess one's capabilities and act accordingly (idiom); to act within one's competence / One does what one can.
meet by chance / have a chance encounter
to flash past / to flit by
to shrink back / to flinch
to give up halfway (idiom); leave sth unfinished
to turn a blind eye to / to ignore
at home wherever one is (idiom); ready to adapt / flexible / to accept circumstances with good will
lit. the cycle comes back to the start (idiom); to move in circles / the wheel comes full circle
nothing serious / just hot air
to whistle past / to hurtle past / to zip by
directly / head-on (collision) / in one's face (of wind)
with a grunting sound it stops (idiom); to come to an end spontaneously (esp. of sound)
to arrive as planned / right on schedule
to escape unscathed / to get through in one piece
to flee in defeat / to bolt
to agree without prior consultation / to happen to hold the same view
to run in the opposite direction (idiom); to run counter to
to take a risk out of desperation (idiom)
to lose sth and then regain it (idiom)
comparatively speaking
to disappear without trace / to vanish all of a sudden / to spread fast / to spread like wildfire
to sit on the ground or the floor (idiom)
lit. to want sth in haste, but cannot get there (idiom, from Analects); more haste, less speed / also written 慾速則不達|欲速则不达
to jump up suddenly / to bound up / to rise up in one bound
arising involuntarily (idiom); spontaneous / to spring up unbidden (of emotion)
without needing (to so sth)
thirty years old and therefore independent (idiom, from Confucius)
to come to a place on account of its reputation (idiom); attracted to visit a famous location
to stop before going too far (idiom); to stop while one can / don't overdo it / stop while you're ahead
suddenly / now (..., now...)
that's all / just this and nothing more
to speak frankly with assurance
to review the old and know the new (idiom, from the Analects) / to recall the past to understand the future
to concentrate on trivial points while neglecting the main problem (idiom)
to sound out the difficulties and retreat to avoid defeat (idiom); fig. to back out of an awkward situation / to get out on finding out what it's really like
to return from a rewarding journey
to be honest, ...
to wait for the opportune moment before taking action (idiom)
to lose what one has just obtained (idiom)
to lump different matters together (idiom)
to stay together (of a group) / to keep together
to work hard while accomplishing little / to toil to no avail
to weigh one's abilities and act accordingly / to act according to one's means / to cut one's coat according to one's cloth
What can you have against it? (idiom) / We should do this. / Go for it!
crying tears of joy (idiom)
to sail against the current / (fig.) to go against the flow
to come one after the other
to win instant success (idiom) / to become an instant hit
flower but no fruit (idiom); handsome exterior but hollow inside / flashy
to part on bad terms / (of a meeting etc) to break up in discord
to swarm around / flocking (to see)
to walk slowly up a flight of steps (idiom)
think three times then go (idiom); don't act before you've thought it through carefully
to sleep on the ground (idiom)
to show respect from a distance (idiom) / to remain at a respectful distance
by no means an isolated case / numerous
to enter by exploiting a weak spot (idiom); to take advantage of a lapse
The first concern is affairs of state, enjoying the pleasure comes later. Quotation from essay On Yueyang Tower 岳陽樓記|岳阳楼记 by Song writer Fan Zhongyan 範仲淹|范仲淹
lit. to speak of two things on the same day (idiom); to mention things on equal terms (often with negatives: you can't mention X at the same time as Y)
to come prepared

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