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one after another / in succession / one by one / continuously / diverse / in profusion / numerous and confused / pell-mell
vast and various / rich and diverse
to dispute
  *纷* | 纷* | *纷
numerous / confused / disorderly
brilliant and varied / (often in the combination 精彩纷呈)
all the colors in profusion (idiom); a garish display
to swirl in the air (of thickly falling snowflakes, flower petals etc) / to flutter about
to come thick and fast (idiom)
numerous and complicated
to discuss spiritedly (idiom) / tongues are wagging
opinions differ (idiom)
numerous and disorderly
turmoil / unrest / disturbance
fluttering about (of leaves etc)
fire of war everywhere (idiom); enveloped in the flames of war
numerous and confused / in a mess
diverse and muddled / many and confused
to mediate a dispute
scattered / mixed and disorganized
power struggle
(of a body of people) to offer all kinds of different opinions (idiom) / to argue endlessly
to remove perils and solve disputes (idiom); to reconcile differences
all the colors in profusion (idiom); a garish display
lit. diverse opinions confused and divided (idiom); opinions differ / controversial matters
lit. fire beacons in all four directions (idiom); the confusion of war

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