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mood / state of mind / moodiness / CL: 種|种
introduction / introductory chapter
  *绪* | 绪* | *绪
beginnings / clues / mental state / thread
to be ready / to be in order
reign name of penultimate Qing emperor Guangxu or Guang-hsu (1875-1908)
train of thought / emotional state / mood / feeling
outline / main threads
state of mind / mood
emotional / sentimental
Guangxu Emperor
emotional state
to be in a bad mood
sad feeling at separation (idiom)
emotions at time of parting
nationalist feelings / nationalist sentiment
Saussure (name)
plethora of things to tackle / multitude of loose ends / very complicated / chaotic
vestigial residue / a throwback (to a former age)
everything in its place and ready (idiom)
unquiet state of mind
Yiddish language
emotional intelligence (EQ)
start and development / thread (of a story) / general outline / clue
out of sorts / gloomy
emotional quotient (EQ) / emotional IQ
(Tw) (computing) thread
inferiority complex
François Xavier d'Entrecolles (1664-1741), French Jesuit missionary to Kangxi court

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