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to decorate / to adorn / sprinkled / studded / only for show
suffix (linguistics)
prefix (linguistics)
  *缀* | 缀* | *缀
variant of 輟|辍
  *缀* | 缀* | *缀
to sew / to stitch together / to combine / to link / to connect / to put words together / to compose / to embellish
prefix or suffix of a compound word / affix (linguistics)
to put together / linking / successive / a cluster
infix (grammar), particle attached within a word or expression
to patch together / to mend
to compose an essay
to decorate / decoration
to compose / to put together
(lit.) to follow sb / (linguistics) suffix / ending / (computing) file name extension
to mend (clothes) / to patch
variant of 連綴|连缀
to spell / to compose words
to join together
to gather and patch up sth that is badly damaged (idiom)
spelling book
linking verb
affix stripping / to determine the root of a word by removing prefix and suffix

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