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  *稀* | 稀* | *稀
rare / uncommon / watery / sparse
to dilute
porridge / gruel
scarce / scarcity
sparse / infrequent / thinly spread
rare / precious and uncommon
(coll.) to have diarrhea / to shrink back / to cower
vaguely / dimly / probably / very likely
rare / uncommon / rarity / to value as a rarity / to cherish / Taiwan pr. [xi1 han3]
sparse / rare
thin / rarefied
rare gas / noble gas (chemistry)
rare / strange
seventy years old
rare earth element
no sign of human habitation (idiom); desolate
muddleheaded / careless
crazy / bizarre / weird / fantastic / strange
vast, but sparsely populated
the rarer sth is, the greater its value (idiom)
(onom.) rustling sound / sound of rain or of sth falling down / in disorder / completely smashed / badly battered / broken to pieces
rare earth element (chemistry)
smashed up / broken into pieces / thoroughly mashed / pulpy
sparse and fragmentary
to thin out gradually / to become fainter and fainter
poor / sloppy / unconcerned / heedless / lax / unimportant / trivial / loose / porous
infrequent visitor
over seventy years old
to try to smooth things over / to paper over the issues / to gloss things over
thin / diluted
rare earth (chemistry)
water gruel / thin porridge
cancellous bone / trabecular bone / spongy bone
trace element (nutrition)

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