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  *秧* | 秧* | *秧
shoots / sprouts
Yangge, a popular rural folk dance
to transplant rice seedlings
(coll.) invalid / sickly person
sapling / seedling / bud / baby animal
Yangge opera, a rural form of theater
to pull up seedlings (for transplanting)
(bird species of China) corn crake (Crex crex)
(bird species of China) slaty-legged crake (Rallina eurizonoides)
(bird species of China) slaty-breasted rail (Gallirallus striatus)
(bird species of China) brown-cheeked rail (Rallus indicus)
(bird species of China) red-legged crake (Rallina fasciata)
(bird species of China) water rail (Rallus aquaticus)
(bird species of China) white-browed crake (Porzana cinerea)

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